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Item #: SCP-667

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-667-1 is to be contained within a standard secure room. An airlock has been attached to prevent any instances of 667-2 from escaping confinement. At all times there are to be two guards on the outside door, and two more guards watching from a secure location. The floor of the room is to be covered in 20 cm of standard mulch. Standard lighting has been replaced with hothouse lamps. Once a week, one bovine is to be fed to SCP-667-1. Once a month, D-class in full contamination suits with darkened face plates are to enter and trim back SCP-667-1 to a manageable state.

Description: SCP-667-1 appears to be a flowering version of the common kudzu vine. When dormant, SCP-667-1's flowers appear as nothing more than brightly colored bulbs. However, when a sentient creature is sensed (667 picks up scents brought to it by air currents), the flowers bloom, releasing 667-2.

SCP-667-2 is the collective designation for any number of 15-centimeter-tall winged humanoids that live inside 667-1. The creatures have no hands; instead, their arms extend to twice the length they should be by human proportions, ending in points. The creatures' wings are attached at these points, trailing to connect to their back, and ending in a tail as long as the creature. While the creatures themselves are a drab green, their wings are varied, always bright colors that move in a swirling pattern with each flap.

667-2 are capable of hypnotizing sentient creatures, who they then lead back to 667-1. 667-2 will remain in front of any such creature, keeping it calm and docile, as 667-1 wraps itself around the victim, suffocating and strangling it. Victims have shown no will to resist, so long as 667-2 remain within sight. When a subject dies, 667-2 returns to the blooms they came from, which then close up again.

At this time it is not apparent whether 667-1 and 667-2 are symbiotic entities, or one creature.

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