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Item #: SCP-667

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-667 is kept underground at Site-██ in Azerbaijan, and is not accessible by anyone without Level 1 Security Clearance. No one is to activate SCP-667 without consent by anyone with Level 3 Clearance. Failure to comply will result in reassignment. Further tests using SCP-667 are put on hold while we continue to observe the remaining products of the SCP. SCP-667-1~7 are not permitted to leave containment.

Description: SCP-667 is a particle accelerator that was constructed under [DATA EXPUNGED]. After encountering multiple construction incidents, the accelerator went online on ██/██/████ and was immediately put in lockdown after a man (now known as SCP-667-1) emerged from the tunnel. The Foundation was called when reports were made that the man had duplicates of his internal organs. The facility was then seized by the Foundation and was used for several more tests, each causing someone to appear inside the tunnels right before particle collision.

SCP-667-1: Young caucasian male with blond hair and gray eyes, stands at 1.8 m and weighs 63.5 kg; the original man who stepped out of the tunnels. His DNA is composed of what appears to be a combination of [DATA EXPUNGED]. After 16 months, SCP-667-1 disappeared from the complex, and the radiation levels in his room measured 500R.
SCP-667-2: Middle-aged African female with black hair and blue eyes, stands at 1.7 m and weighs 70 kg; appears to have augmented strength, but claims to be a pacifist. After approximately 3 months, the facility was hit by a massive blackout, thought to have been caused by an EMP, upon restoring power, SCP-667-2 had disappeared.
SCP-667-3: Elderly Caucasian male with white hair, blue eyes, and white, retractable wings protruding from his back. Stands at 2 m and weighs 66 kg All blood and DNA samples come back as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Edit: SCP-667-3 lost his wings in the early hours of ██/██/████. He is being put on constant watch to observe his condition incase of expiration.
SCP-667-4: Young Asian male standing at 1.9 m and weighing 62 kg, no abnormalities observed. SCP-667-4 expired after approximately 6 months of containment due to a myocardial infarction.
SCP-667-5: Elderly Caucasian female with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Edit: SCP-667-5 expired at 4:15am on ██/██/████, lasting 4 months in containment. Her room was discovered to have severely dropped in temperature (measured at -40 ºF at the time of discovery).
SCP-667-6: Middle-aged Caucasian male with red hair and red eyes, stands at 1.8 m and weighs 59 kg. [DATA EXPUNGED]. He is to be restrained under sensory deprivation after the incident on ██/██/████.
SCP-667-7: Young Caucasian female with white hair and prismatic colored eyes, standing at 1.7m and weighing 49 kg. She has demonstrated [DATA EXPUNGED], and as a precaution, attempts to interact with her (by both male and female personnel) are highly discouraged.
SCP-667-8: Young Caucasian male with no bodily hair and light blue eyes, standing at 1.6 m and weighing 40 kg. Subject immediately claimed he was feeling ill after exiting and requested something to eat. Request was accepted and he was given a tuna and cheese sandwich, subject complained he still felt ill. Over the course of 3 days, subject's health rapidly deteriorated, by day 3 of containment, he was a skeletal figure with his skin barely hanging off his bones, his tongue was gray, and his eyes were sunken. On Day 4, personnel found SCP-667-8 vomiting blood and was missing an eye, with maggots living inside the socket. On Day 6, subject attempted to escape, falling short of his containment chamber, personnel were about to take him back in when he started screeching loudly and exclaimed "They're in my brain, they're in my brain!" while clutching his head. By Day 7, SCP-667-8 had expired.

Addendum: It is worth mentioning that none of the products have any recollection of events in their lives up to leaving the chamber, yet they can communicate normally, including both spoken and written English and Azerbaijani. Dr. ████████ is en route to give each product a psyche evaluation.

Addendum-2: ██/██/████ - Site ██ is temporarily closed due to the result of a recent experiment. Technicians powered the accelerator up to prepare for a collision, ensured all safety measures were in effect, and began the test. However, due to instructions from Dr. ████████, the power was cut a second before the particles were set to collide. The facility experienced a temporary blackout that lasted for 4 minutes before the power was reconnected. Upon power restoration, Agent █████ pointed out that the video-feeds in the tunnel were disconnected. D-002728 went to open the door to the tunnel, but quickly returned. A few seconds later, a dark gelatinous mass emerged from the tunnel, it appeared to have two silver eyes and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Several personnel started complaining of a high-pitched wailing, two of which fainted, before the power cut again. When the power restored itself the second time, the tunnel door was closed, video feed was restored, and the being was nowhere to be seen. As a result, Site-██ is under temporary lockdown, class D16, to prevent anyone or anything from leaving until we're sure it's safe again.

Addendum-3: See SCP-667-8.

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