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Item #: SCP-669

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-669 is kept within an enclosed cubical carton box in a standard secure item locker. Experimentation with this SCP requires approval from at least two O5-level personnel.

Description: SCP-669 was recovered from the Istanbul Modern Art Museum on April 4, 198█. It was part of a work exposed in the annual "Current Eastern European Sculpture" retrospective, although it was not listed in that exhibition's catalog and its purported artist, one G█████ P█████████████, from Ukraine, was found to be nonexistent according to all official records.

SCP-669 is a small, 2.6cm-wide polished and reflective metal sphere of unknown, non-magnetic composition possessing the ability to gravitate around any nearby object significantly larger than itself. It will do so at exactly 30cm from the surface of the object approximate at its half height, or, if it was held up at a given height when beginning to move, at whatever height it was located. It will also orbit around horizontal masses sticking from walls, doing so as if the wall was the floor. In the absence of both an object and physical constraints, it will orbit (or attempt to) within the enclosure it is located in. Should it collide with any object in the course of orbiting, it will immediately begin orbiting that object. SCP-669 will move alongside whatever it orbits, barring it colliding another object or beginning to orbit a larger one. The SCP maintains a surface temperature of 33°C regardless of the ambient temperature.

SCP-669 appears to be able to spontaneously move from an unencumbered orbit to one around a larger object within a reasonably short distance (which appears to correlate roughly with the size of the new "target"). It has been known on occasions to also "jump" to a smaller object in close proximity, or to objects of roughly the same size, but it has not been possible to determine the conditions in which such events occur. Dr. ██████ has suggested that a hard to deduce sequence in the number of revolutions may be the cause.

Note: Anyone making a suggestion for SCP-669 that involves perpetual movement will be summarily reassigned to Keter-class duty until they have read through all the reports concerning the last time we performed experiments along such lines. O5-█

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