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The house that SCP-672-B built.

Item #: SCP-672

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-672 is to be kept in a clean white room measuring 4 x 4 x 4 meters in a 1 x 1 x 1 meter Plexiglas cage which is secured to a steel block measuring 1.5 x 1.5 x1.5 meters. 10 small holes have been cut in a star shaped pattern on the side of the cage to allow communication with SCP-672-B. A 10 x 0.5 centimeter slit has been cut in the top of the cage to allow items to be passed to SCP-672-B. One male security guard is to guard the outside of the room in case of another escape attempt.

SCP-672-B has requested the following:

  • Supplies to build a house, (approved, was given some leftovers of a cardboard box and some tape).
  • Toothpicks, for furniture (approved).
  • Some scraps of fabric, for furniture (approved).
  • Tin foil, for furniture (approved).
  • Cotton balls, for furniture (approved).
  • A female doll “To have someone to play house with” (denied).
  • Pornographic Magazines “Because if I can't have someone to love, I need something to help my hand love me” (denied).
  • A lock of Agent █████'s hair. “The kind from the [DATA EXPUNGED], not from the top.” (denied).
  • Conversation time with a young lady from time to time (approved, once a month, supervised, and as long as SCP-672-B behaves).

Description: SCP-672-A is a dagger of Celtic design believed to date back to the 1300s. It was found in Ireland in 1934 by an Agent investigating a “haunted” dagger. The previous owner, [DATA EXPUNGED], had become concerned when a knife he had bought as a good luck charm repeatedly would disappear from any location and reappear underneath his daughter's bed.

Once the dagger was confiscated, a small compartment was located in the hilt of the blade. It contained a naked clay man (measuring 4.3 cm long) that had red human hair attached to his head. SCP-672-B was not animate at the time.

The Agent that recovered SCP-672 reported that on the way back, the dagger did indeed seemed to make escape attempts whenever it was left alone. Video evidence shows that SCP-672-B would come out of the hilt and drag the dagger towards the closest exit of a room.

It wasn't until Agent █████ was placed in charged of SCP-672 that it was known that SCP-672-B only speaks to women. SCP-672-B claimed to be an ancient magical leprechaun from the future sent back through time to destroy a great evil. SCP-672-B is also noted to say and do anything to impress the ladies.

Excerpt from First Interview:

Agent █████: What is your main purpose?

SCP-672-B: To destroy the great evil, lass. Together, you and I can do anything!

(SCP-672-B: proceeds to crawl inside SCP-672-A)

SCP-672-B: Now pick me up and wield me in the name of great justice!

(Agent █████: picks up SCP-672 and fire begins to shoot from the blade)

When SCP-672 is whole and being wielded by a human (assumed any human but SCP-672-B will only associate with young females), the blade appears to be able to cast any type of magic. The following has been observed.

  • Shooting random elements, such as fire, wind, and water.
  • Teleportation to anywhere in the world.
  • Turning items into gold.
  • Summoning hordes on small vermin to attack enemies.
  • Turning the wielder into different items for disguise, such as a cat, a chair, and shrinking Agent █████ to the same size as SCP-672-B. (SCP initially refused to turn Agent █████ back until [DATA EXPUNGED] was provided, however several kicks to the [DATA EXPUNGED] led SCP-672-B to reverse Agent █████ to her former state).

Experimentation with magical properties ceased after that one.

Excerpt from First Interview:

Agent █████: Why is it that you insisted on going into the room of [DATA EXPUNGED]'s daughter every night?

SCP-672-B: Every other night or so the neighbor boy would come in and they would do nasty nasty things to each other.

Agent █████: …

SCP-672-B: I liked to watch.

SCP-672 is to be kept in a sealed environment. Issues with SCP-672-B's personality make weapons development unreliable.

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