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Item #: SCP-675

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-675 is to be kept in a darkened room, 2 meters on all dimensions, with one (1) video camera to remain trained on the object at all times for observation. While contact with the object is not prohibited, it is requested that any unnecessary visits be discouraged. At no time is anyone to knock on SCP-675.

Description: SCP-675 is a standard window and frame, double-glazed, and attached to a frame bolted into the floor. The window was removed from its original installation on a house in █████████, ███, in ████. The initial reports of [DATA EXPUNGED] initially did not draw attention until the homeowners [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Foundation purchased the property from the estate, and removed the window in question for further study. A field team will continue to reside at the original location for the next 6-13 months, to ensure that the phenomenon is specific to SCP-675 and not to the site itself.

When the overhead lights in the containment cell are on, SCP-675 appears to be a standard window found in any housing development. When the lights are off, however, a faint glow can be seen coming from the window, as if an indirect light source was located on the other side. Looking through the window produces no unusual effects, except for a bit of glare; other objects in the room can be seen normally through the window.

However, there are occasional breaks in the light, in the form of shadowy shapes. To assist in viewing and recording of the phenomenon, a dark curtain made of cotton has been installed in front of the aperture. The curtain is thin enough that the ambient glow can still be seen, but it provides much better contrast of the shadowy forms that manifest.

The occurrance of shadows is more-or-less random, although at least one or two incidents will appear on any given day. The forms themselves vary with almost every pass, sometimes simply darting by, sometimes moving at a walking pace, sometimes flying past without any apparent ground contact. On several occasions, a figure has "approached" the window and taken a posture consistent with attempting to peer through it; it is for this reason that remote observation is suggested.

Opening the window has produced no results, and modeling of the shapes required to generate the recorded shadows is currently underway. Please forward any non-destructive testing requests to Dr. ██████ via secure methods.

Addendum: Although the expected threat level of the object is very low, the apparent curiosity shown by some of the shapes may be grounds for concern. To this effect, one (1) 12-gauge shotgun and one (1) shell of double-ought buckshot has been allotted to the researcher on duty; in case the object's actions visibly deviate from the norm (such as any attempt to open the window that appears to be producing results), destruction is authorized, at the researcher's discretion.

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