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Item #: SCP-676

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-676 is to be kept in a locked steel box with a combination lock, which is to have it's combination changed hourly, to prevent theft. All conatinment procedures are purely to prevent theft or misuse of the SCP.

Description: SCP-676 appears to be a normal pair of glasses, that, as of now, appear to be circa 2006 edition frames, though the appearance of the glasses seems to change every decade.

When a user wears the glasses, they see objects, be it items or people, are seen for what they 'truly are.' According to all records of the SCP, the item shows whatever is viewed through them with no bias at all, including the bounds of normal human sight. The being in field of 'view' of the SCP, which is the normal human viewing range if wearing the SCP, subjects say they felt like they were being seen through, or being watched. Item was given the nickname "The Eyes Of God" for these reasons.

Addendum: Those with Level 4 Security Clearance and up should see documents #676-C through F.

Document #520-A: Transcript of Subject D-013697's Testing

Video and Audio Recording of ██/15/██

Dr. █████: "I want you to look at these items, and describe what you see."

D-013697: "Alright, alright Doc. I got it."

Dr. █████: "What does this look like to you?" [Holds up an apple]

D-013697: "…..the only word I can think of is betrayal."

Dr. █████: "What do you see when you look at me?"

D-0137697: [Subject chuckles slightly, and smiled] "You look…like God. The book didn't lie, it's in his image….you look like Carbon too."

Dr. █████: "What do you see when you see this?" [Holds up SCP-███]

D-137697: "No! Get it away from me!" [Attempts to flee, but is restrained by two armed guards]

Dr. █████: "What do you see?!?"


Document #520-B: Usage Log of SCP-676 [Level 4 Clearance Required]


Update: 12/26/█7

Testing of SCP-676 with SCP-173 suggested, as the glasses may have the same effect as human eyes.

Update: 5/██/09

Testing of SCP-676 with all other SCPs is put on hiatus by Dr. █████, due to complications with testing. Biological testing currently under scrutiny by Dr. █████, and will continue only under his purview.

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