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Item #: SCP-684

Object Class: Safe (Keter-class pending approval)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-684 and all of its copies are to be stored in a box (dimensions may vary, with a minimal requirement of 6 cm X 10 cm) and sealed with intricately bound ropes. Details on how to properly seal the box are described in document █████ / ████. It is preferred that a staff member of Chinese descent perform this binding duty.

Description: SCP-684 is a yellow piece of paper, made with ████████ and ██████ as part of its ingredient. It is inscribed with a fine ██████ brush and █████████ ink. It must be noted that SCP-684 may be duplicated, by using the materials mentioned above and the inscription detailed in ██████████ duplicated by a person of Chinese origin.

SCP-684 is to be placed on the forehead of a non-decomposed corpse. Upon incantation of text described in ████████████, the corpse will reanimate, and will obey the person who put SCP-684 into place. We have determined that SCP-684 has some form of rudimentary programming syntax, which may be applied to the corpse. To date, there are ███ kinds of inscription patterns known. While almost all muscular control will be re-established on the corpse (known by ordering it through a full physical testing), the corpse would move around by jumping and having its hands stretched out, as if to reach something in front of it. The corpse also displays superhuman feats of strength, which leads to speculation as it could be used to create a super-army of reanimated corpses. A reclassification request was filed, from Safe to Keter (pending approval).

SCP-684 was first discovered in the ██████████ region of the ████████ province in the People's Republic of China in 19██. It was found in a remote hut in the middle of a bamboo forest. It is rumored among the local polulace that the hut was a hermit's lair, but we have found no trace of the said hermit. SCP-684 was found with a complex manual, and we have deciphered only parts of it as of current date. Further analysis will determine if the manuscript holds more valuable material in regards of SCP-684.

Note: The manual were written in an ancient chinese text found during the Qin Dysnasty, but some parts of it were written in a text more primitive than ancient chinese. To date it does not match any known ancient text from Asia. It was hypothesized that this manual was just a copy of a possibly more complex manuscript. Further translation has found these broken text fragments:

-page 25, line 16: "[UNDECIPHERED] fire from sky. Circle [UNDECIPHERED] light. The meeting with Sky Dragon [UNDECIPHERED]."

-page 73, line 46: "The Emperor of the Sky shall [UNDECIPHERED] on the [UNDECIPHERED] summit. Knowledge bought us happiness, yet [UNDECIPHERED]."

-page 154, line 37: "Write on paper: Snake Coil Roof, Horse Turtle, [UNDECIPHERED] to return [UNDECIPHERED] to the [UNDECIPHERED] below the horizon."

-page 352, line 52: "Plague from West Wind brings us [UNDECIPHERED] for sacrifice. These will be undoubtedly be the best [UNDECIPHERED] soldiers to serve the Emperor."

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