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Item #: SCP-687

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-687 is to remain contained within a perfectly insulated, 4 inch thick (0.1016 meters) concrete chamber measuring 18 feet (5.4864 meters) in all dimensions, with an attached airlock access. Any structural faults within the chamber are to be repaired promptly by a psychologically screened maintenance team. Base psychological defects do not provide warranty for exclusion of access, refer to your attached file for more information.

Under no circumstances is SCP-687 to be removed from the chamber, even in the event of an evacuation. This is pending Level Four approval for revision.

All personnel assigned to SCP-687 are required to reside in the observation room for the duration of psychoactive experiments that take place. A researcher to take notes and attached agent to guarantee procedure stability are all that is necessary in terms of staffing.

Experiments take place on a monthly basis with the introduction of D-Class personnel. In the interceding period the chamber housing SCP-687 is to remain unlit and the observation room unoccupied.

Always have an agent on-hand for safety when extracting D-Class personnel upon the conclusion of study, provided they have survived.

It is perfectly normal to hear disembodied voices while in observation, so please exhibit a professional calm at all times.

Description: SCP-687 is a semi-petrified corpse belonging to an unknown creature, around two (2) meters in length and one (1) meter in width. The corpse roughly resembles an elongated slug with fleshy pigmentation along its body, not including the ornamental headpiece atop its "head." It has no discernible eyes, nostrils, or mouth. The aforementioned headpiece goes around SCP-687's "head" in a ring and is inscribed with runic symbols that currently defy translation, although no effort has yet been made since the object's discovery. Several scars originated from bullet wounds cover the surface of the "head."

No in-depth analysis of the object has been conducted, as it is difficult to concentrate on complex tasks when near. The biological functions and apparent sentience of the object when it still lived remain unknown as a result.

Testing Procedure and Subject Handling: D-Class personnel are to be introduced unshielded to SCP-687 on a monthly basis in order to test its continuing psionic potency, as well for possible signs of sentience.

It should be expected that introduced subjects will sometimes address the object verbally, people who aren't actually present, and may engage in self-violent behavior. Terminal cerebral hemorrhaging is a practical certainty. Make no attempt to contact the subject or guide them as the study proceeds.

Under no circumstances are D-Class personnel allowed to leave the chamber until the allotted time limit has expired. The chances of survival are near to none, so it is recommended that researchers concentrate on studying the effects SCP-687 has on the subject until they are deceased.

Extraction of corpses is to be conducted while properly insulated and after having undergone basic psychological screening.
If in the event a subject does survive, the attached agent must be armed and ready to subdue or terminate them in case they attempt to assault Foundation personnel upon their release.

Origin: Information can be found in a separate file to be read by Level Two personnel and above. If you are scheduled for observation duty, remember that it is important to focus on your assignment instead of minor details.

Addendum 687-1: Therapy can be scheduled and is encouraged for any researcher who's been around SCP-687 for an extended period of time. No strings attached. - Dr. Paulson

Addendum 687-2 (release date: █████): Related documents have recently been declassified for viewing. Said documents are not strictly required for your assignment, but you are encouraged to take a look anyway. - Dr. Paulson

(Post Exposure Interview, reference case SCP-687, filed █████)

Dr. █████: So…

D-Class 687-06: Hello, doctor.

Dr. █████: Er, yes. Hello, uh… Frank. (clears throat.) I think you'll be somewhat eager to hear that you are the only convict to have survived this procedure. Congratulations.

D-Class 687-06: Yes. I'm very pleased. Doctor.

Dr. █████: Right… to honor your achievement we've decided to absolve you of all charges. Again, congratulations.

D-Class 687-06: When do I go back to my cell?

Dr. █████: Actually, I wanted to discuss your experiences in there. Harrowing, I'm sure.

D-Class 687-06: It was quite pleasant. I felt very serene during the procedure.

Dr. █████:Serene.

D-Class 687-06: Yes. Doctor. When do I go back to my cell? I am very eager to leave.

Dr. █████: Huh. One last question. Those voices in there, did they tell you to hurt yourself in any way? What did they say, in fact? I'm very curious to know.

D-Class 687-06: What voices?

five second interval

Dr. █████: Alright. ████, escort him out of here, if you would…

████: Sure thing, doctor. Alright, come on, "Frank."

D-Class 687-06: Have a good day. Doctor.

twenty second interval

Dr. █████: ████████.

████████: Yes, doctor?

Dr. █████: Move his termination procedure up, schedule it for this afternoon.

████████: Right you are.

(Experiment SCP-687—04, subject D-Class 687-04. Date: █████. Researcher █████ and Agent ████████ presiding. Study begins.)

(subject enters testing area)

D-Class 687-04: What the [expletive deleted] is that?

(subject circles SCP-687 twice and remains stationary thereafter)

D-Class 687-04: Hello? Are you guys watching this?

(subject paces for ten minutes, eventually sitting down on the floor)

D-Class 687-04: You guys drugged me with something.

(subject remains stationary for one hour)

D-Class 687-04: Alright! Very funny. Can I go now? My stomach hurts, guys.

(subject stands and places his hand on SCP-687. subject is visibly repulsed and returns to where he was sitting previously)

D-Class 687-04: What the [expletive deleted] is that thing, you [expletive deleted] goddamn [expletive deleted].

(subject sits and is soon asleep. two hours pass. subject rouses suddenly.)

D-Class 687-04: Who said that? Hello?

(subject stares around for several seconds)

D-Class 687-04: Hey! Someone said something?! Hello? Talk to me!


D-Class 687-04: Let me out of here you [expletive deleted] suckers! I'm sick, I'm sick, you gotta… gotta… stop talking!


D-Class 687-04: Naw, naw, Kenny, you gotta swing with your arms like this, y'see?

(subject imitates swinging a bat)


D-Class 687-04: (sobbing incoherently)

(experiment time elapsed continues at fourteen hours, seventeen minutes, twenty five seconds)

D-Class 687-04: Somebody kill me… Please, someone… have a heart…


(subject applying violent force onto SCP-687)

D-Class 687-04: Shut up, shut up! Stop it!


(subject lies upon the floor, gibbering in [DATA EXPUNGED] subject foams continually at the mouth. experiment time elapsed continues at seventeen hours, thirty minutes, forty two seconds)


(Subject D-Class 687-04 deceased, time elapsed stops and stands at eighteen hours, twenty minutes, twenty seconds.)

Summarized Report on Discovery of Item SCP-687, by Dr. ████████ to Dr. ██████████.

For Level Two Access and above. If you are not level two or above, submit this file to appropriately ranked personnel or face immediate disciplinary action.

The object in question was recovered in ███████ in the area of the ████ from the Russian Federation. The site was an underground Soviet-era facility that had been sealed off, and its discovery was merely incidental to a then unrelated operation being conducted by Foundation operatives. Said operation was to search for the source of ghost sightings and other related hauntings in the immediate area.

The facility appeared to had been abandoned since the late eighties (1980s,) and plentiful human remains were found inside. According to the after action report filed by the surviving agent (Agent ██████,) the remains belonged to the former staff, who had apparently killed each other (and possibly themselves) using a wide variety of ballistics, blunt weapons, and melee combat.

According to Agent ██████ there existed a dearth of documentation regarding the nature of the facility, but I'm afraid it's in a separate classified file and the agent's own security clearance is being considered for revision as a result.

The agents involved in the operation soon came under the influence of a compelling psionic force that had extensive sway on their judgment and mental stability from that point forward, although it should be noted that some of the operatives were more resistant than others. Following several casualties (most self-inflicted or committed against other agents) the surviving agent managed to discover the source of these psionic impulses, henceforth referred to as SCP-687.

SCP-687 was confined to a steel container sitting upon an underground rail-line; before its termination it had been prepared for transport to another facility. The exact circumstances of the discovery of SCP-687 by the original researchers is detailed in the classified files, unfortunately. Agent ██████ set up a GPS beacon on the object and extracted himself, whereupon a more well-equipped team was dispatched to secure SCP-687.

Seeing as how the object was already deceased upon discovery, I would hazard a guess that the psionic impulses still being projected are merely the "aftershocks," as it were, of its demise.

Agent ██████'s after action report is included in an attached file, but be warned that it's rather lengthy reading.

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