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Item #: SCP-690

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-690 is to be stored in a locked container in Sector-7 Euclid SCP containment. Access to SCP-690 is restricted to personnel with level 2 access or higher. Experiments involving SCP-690 must be approved by a Level-4 personnel before testing commences.

Personnel with any cuts, scratches, or other injuries of the skin are to be restricted from access to SCP-690. If any unauthorized personnel use a bandage from SCP-690, security personnel are to be called immediately to subdue the offending personnel, and then remove and dispose of the bandage.

Description: SCP-690 appears to be a standard box of Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages, now containing twenty-four (24) bandages. When a bandage from SCP-690 is applied to a wound, it will prevent the wound from healing naturally, aggravating the wound and eventually causing infection.

SCP-690 also imposes a moderate compulsion on nearby injured humans to take a bandage and apply it to their wound, regardless of the wound's severity. Furthermore, once the bandage is applied, the affected user will believe that the bandage is helping heal their wound, and will refuse to remove it. The compulsion is not strong enough to provoke violence; however affected personnel have been quite persistent in their efforts to use or keep using SCP-690. See Incident Report 690-A for further details.

Addendum: When first discovered, SCP-690 contained thirty-two (32) bandages. Following containment, eight (8) bandages have been removed and used for experimental purposes.

Incident Report 690-A: Following is a record of a Level-2 researcher attempting to acquire a bandage from SCP-690 in order to treat a severe laceration on his left hand.

Level-2: Hey, I need a band-aid.
Security Guard: Sir?
Level-2: A band-aid! I need access to SCP-690.
Security Guard: Uh…sir you will need to get clearance from Dr. ██████ in order to experiment with this SCP. Also I think you better head to the infirmary; that cut looks pretty bad.
Level-2: Oh this? (raises his hand and looks at his injury) It just needs a band-aid and it’ll be fine. Let me in to the case!
Security Guard: Sir, you will have to wait here while I contact Dr. ██████.
Level-2: Okay. Fine. Just hurry it up will you?!

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