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Item #: SCP-691

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-691-a is to be kept in a 20x20 m cell reinforced with ████████. Four guards equipped with J.A.K.L. model submission equipment and armaments are to be posted in front of its cell, and are to be rotated every twelve (12) hours. 691-a is to be constantly kept connected to 691-b with the chains found in ████████████ Labs, where it was found. In the event of the safety precautions failing, Site-██ is to go into full lockdown, and all personnel other than the two J.A.K.L. squads kept on standby at all times are to be evacuated from the facility.

SCP-691-b is to be turned to seventy-five percent (75%) power when 691-a is scheduled to be studied. Studies are only to be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Cospinol and Dr. Carnival.

Description: SCP-691 was found in ███████, Kazakhstan in 1938. Subject was found in a cell located in the ruins of the ████████████ Labs, then headed by the now deceased Dr. Flyorov. Although ████████████ Labs was disbanded in 19██, several of their sattellite companies, including ██████!, the worlds second largest supplier of hand sanitizing soap, and ████████, Inc., are still active. Suggest gathering activity reports on several of these companies.

SCP-691-a was found in a deep state of coma, caused by its connection to SCP-691-b. Following the deactivation of 691-b, it regained consciousness and immediately became hostile. 691-a continued to attack the recovery team lead by Agent Sang, causing several casualties, until being subdued when one of the teams medics reactivated 691-b, returning it to its comatose state.

Due to the technological restraints of the times, containment procedures were only in place to minimize the damage of an inevitable 691 breakout. However, with the development of ████████, the subject is now able to be conscious without risk of escape. (Note: Due to [DATA EXPUNGED], it's still advised we keep the beast chained up. This is about shoulda, not coulda. No need to be amateurs here, guys. -Dr. Cospinol.)

SCP-691-a is 8'5'' and weighs about 611 lbs. Subject is inhumanly muscled, to the point of disfiguring its facial features. Traces of several chemicals which resemble, to a point, steroids have been found in its system, along with numerous other substances. Body is entirely without hair, and no sign of sexual organs can be found. Subjects skin is a mottled green, with large patches of dirty grey on its back. 691-a's skeleton is similarly enhanced; displaying a density several dozen times that of a regular human. The bridge of 691-a's nose has been removed, and a single band of reflective, impact resistant glass has been placed of the subjects eyes. The ears have likewise been removed, replaced with semi-circular constructs unknown design. Several metal nodes have been implanted, suggesting further equipment was previously connected to 691-a other than 691-b.

691-a, designated 'Brutus' by the current research staff, is displays incredibly enhanced endurance and strength, as well as a high tolerance to pain. Although it heals at roughly the same rate as a human in top physical condition, it appears to hardly notice all but the most debilitating injuries, including loss of limb and destruction of 98% of its skin. In the case of amputation, 691-a holds the severed end of the limb in question to its former location on its body. The limb proceeds to reattach itself to 691-a's body, and is fully functional within 24 to 48 hours.

Several chains are bound around 691-a's arms, wrists, legs and ankles, composed of a metal which has thus far been unable to be reproduced using current technology [See Addendum 691-1]. This metal is black in appearance, with mottled red impurities, and has proven strong enough to resist 691-a's unusual strength. Around 691-a's neck is a thick collar of the same metal, upon which the name '60BRUTUS70' has been engraved.

The collar is connected to SCP-691-b by a thick chain of the same unknown metal. 691-b is an electrical generator about the size of a personal computer. The majority of the outer surface of 691-b consists of a single sheet of the metal, making a small glass panel in the center of the device the only means of viewing its interior. 691-b constantly emits a powerful light from this panel that prevents any information from being gathered about its construction. The machine generates enough electrical energy to keep a large town powered indeffinately; however, its use is currently only allowed in keeping Brutus in a sustained coma. 691-b is not required to be connected to any external power source for it to work.

When conscious, Brutus is most commonly in a state of blind rage, and will attempt to destroy anything and everything nearby. 691-a's strength and reaction timing are many times that of our top agents, and in extreme cases, Brutus has been recorded tearing through [DATA EXPUNGED]. Occasionally, the subject has regained consciousness with a state of controlled fury, during which it will communicate with the research team. Brutus appears to be fluent in English and Russian, but refuses to answer the majority of our questions.

[Addendum 691-1] The experimental alloy ████████ has been developed using samples of the metal found binding Brutus. Although durable enough to create a suitable containment cell for it, ████████ is estimated to be not even a quarter as strong as the original. Study into replicating the unnamed metal continues.


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