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Item #: SCP-692

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-692 is to be kept contained within two large electromagnets powered by SCP-692 until such a time as research into how to destroy SCP-692 is complete. Until then SCP-692 is to be used only to power its own segment of the complex, and is to be contained as though it were highly radioactive material.

Researchers are not allowed to perform magnetic torque tests upon SCP-692 without prior approval

Description: SCP-692 is a small, near perfectly spherical white hole of approx 1nM in diameter which produces approx 1pJ (one picojoule) of energy every second in the form of electromagnetic radiation spread evenly across the spectrum from 1 hertz to approximately 300 exahertz.

SCP-692 has negligible mass and can be manipulated with strong electromagnets.


SCP-692 was discovered when earth's orbit crossed paths with it, and it was caught by the powerful magnetic field of an MRI. Standard site control was applied and SCP-692 was brought into custody when it was discovered that it broke the law of conservation of energy.

At first the Foundation thought SCP-692 a boon, and researched ways to increase energy production in order to power the Foundation. This resulted in increasing the original 800 femtojoule/sec energy production to 1 picojoule using magnetic torquing to increase its diameter.

Then a researcher ran the equations and found that by introducing energy to the universe the white hole was likely increasing its mass. The Foundation's astrophysics department ran a 10 year experiment comparing the rate of growth of the universe to what it should theoretically be while manipulating the data for public consumption and found that either this introduction of energy was indeed having an effect on the rate of expansion of the universe, or much of astrophysical theory was incorrect.

Since then the Foundation has been researching ways to destroy this white hole before it does more damage, potentially causing the universe to collapse upon itself instead of its originally projected course of infinite expansion until heat-death occurs.

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