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Item #: SCP-695

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-695 is classified as a Safe object, and as such requires no special containment procedures; it is currently located in Non-Critical Storage Unit 3. Only personnel with Level 3 security clearance or higher are permitted to remove the item.

Description: SCP-695 appears to be a beige Gucci handbag, accented with two leather straps and a silver belt buckle. Closer examination of the handbag reveals it to be a counterfeit, bearing signs of manufacture in Malaysia. Measurement of the external dimensions of SCP-695 yielded an estimated volume of 0.023 m3. SCP-695 appears to be able to store an arbitrary amount of matter; Dr. ███████ █████ [19-0823], in a preliminary test, inserted 60 1.36kg (3lbs) barbells into SCP-695, exceeding the item's estimated volume by a factor of 40. Taking into account its contents, SCP-695's mass should have equaled 82.3 kg; however, its measured mass remained constant at 0.68 kg. The barbells were recoverable from the item in question, and showed no signs of physical or chemical change after their time inside SCP-695.

Addendum: Item was discovered in a shipment of counterfeit handbags seized by the Polizia di Stato in Milan in 19██ . An agent in the Polizia di Stato discovered the item's properties and, in violation of protocol, kept it for his own use; interviews with his family after his death in 20██ from natural causes indicated that he carried SCP-695 with him very often. Both anecdotal reports from the agent's family and preliminary analysis from Dr. ███████ █████ [19-0823] indicates that the item is safe to carry and use; in accordance with Sgt. █████ ████ [19-0529]'s memorandum, SCP-695 is being stored at Site 19 pending more complete spatial analysis.

Further Note: In light of document BB-2931a, no protocol currently exists for attempting to invert the bag, e.g. turn it inside out. It is unclear if this can be safely preformed in any circumstances. Any attempts to do so must be approved by ███████. Protocol for inverting SCP-695 must require Level A Hazmat gear for all involved personnel, and only Class D personnel will be used to perform an inversion.

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