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Item #: SCP-696

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to remain in a secured room on site ██, with access restricted to all personnel below security level 3 without proper clearance. No maintenance of SCP-696 is required, thus the containment room shall remain locked at all times and kept under light surveillance by a simple motion sensor array. In the event of a breach, security personnel on duty near SCP-696 are to confirm that no paper has been loaded into the item and to remove any intruders and escort them to a holding cell to await interrogation and mental evaluation. In the event that paper has been loaded into the item, the security personnel are to remove it without reading its contents and deliver it directly to any of the security level 3 personnel on duty.

The volumes of text generated by SCP-696 are to be stored in a locked file cabinet in the same room as SCP-696 and designated SCP-696-1.

Description: SCP-696 is a slightly weathered, vintage, portable mechanical typewriter. It is devoid of any manufacturer information, serial number, or other identifying features. Discovered in a shack in a rural area of North Battleford, Saskatchewan by the North Battleford detachment of the RCMP during the investigation of a triple homicide-suicide. The officers assigned to the investigation were visibly disturbed by SCP-696, stating it had one piece of paper remaining in it with the words: "YOUR TIME IS NIGH. IF YOU HAVE A GOD, PRAY TO IT NOW." being typed repeatedly by the typewriter itself. It was brought to the Foundation by an undercover agent working in the RCMP.

When paper is loaded into the typewriter, the keys depress on their own and begin to type out various prophetic passages of unknown origin, apparently chronicling specific events around the world and in an area it references as "the abyss". All of the chronicled events that are recorded occurring in specific places are of a special significance to this abyss. It should be noted that there is no ink ribbon present in the typewriter. How SCP-696 transfers ink to the paper is unknown.

To date, there are approximately 946 pages of text composing SCP-696-1. The unseen author of SCP-696-1 tends to speak with an ominous and verbose delivery, characterized by an overbearing sense of disdain for all life. Most of it may be read safely, but there are selected sections of the text that appear to have odd effects on the mental state of the reader (See Documents 696-A through D).

Edit- 12/3/████: The brownish ink left on the paper has been identified as human blood.

Edit- 5/4/████: Though few and far between due to degradation in most samples, DNA profiling of the ink used to write these passages has shown a common link in all of the samples: the various subjects they originate from are all deceased. Further testing will have to be conducted to determine how SCP-696 is able to obtain this blood-ink. Dr. █████ makes special note that SCP-696 may be of extra-dimensional origin.

Edit- 5/5/████: All officers of the North Battleford detachment of the RCMP working on the case in which SCP-696 was discovered were subsequently terminated.

Document 696-A: Log

  • ██/██/████ 1300: Subject 696-D1 instructed to read SCP-696-1 from the beginning.
  • ██/██/████ 1716: On reaching page 126 of SCP-696-1, Subject 696-D1 suddenly lost consciousness. After recovery, subject refused to begin reading SCP-696-1 again.
  • ██/██/████ 1727: Subject 696-D1 terminated.

Document 696-B: Log

  • ██/██/████ 0800: Subject 696-D2 instructed to read SCP-696-1 starting from page 127.
  • ██/██/████ 0843: On reaching page 142 of SCP-696-1, Subject 696-D2 began screaming and violently threw SCP-696-1 against the northern wall of its storage room. Subject 696-D2 then pulled his right eye from its socket and ate it, attempted to pull left eye from socket before being restrained.
  • ██/██/████ 0956: All attempts to mentally evaluate Subject 696-D2 failed. Subject 696-D2 terminated.

Document 696-C: Log

  • ██/██/████ 1400: Subject 696-D3 instructed to read SCP-696-1 starting from page 143.
  • ██/██/████ 2100: On reaching page 456 of SCP-696-1, Subject 696-D3 requests a break from reading to sleep. Request granted.
  • ██/██/████ 0600: Subject 696-D3 brought in to Dr. █████'s office for interrogation and mental evaluation. No abnormal results.
  • ██/██/████ 0702: Subject 696-D3 terminated.

Document 696-D: Log

  • ██/██/████ 0900: Subject 696-D4 instructed to read SCP-696-1 starting from page 143.
  • ██/██/████ 0902: On reaching page 145 of SCP-696-1, Subject 696-D4 began to convulse and fell on the floor in seizure.
  • ██/██/████ 1022: Subject 696-D4 pronounced dead. C.O.D. listed as cardiac arrest.
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