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Item #: SCP-697

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-697 is to be kept in a standard storage container in its closed position. SCP-697 is not to be opened without supervision from a Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-697 is a butterfly type knife with a blade approximately 15 centimeters long. Metallurgical analysis show it to be composed primarily out of steel, and it does not exhibit any unusual physical attributes. When SCP-697 is opened, cuts will spontaneously appear on objects within a five meter radius of it. These cuts vary in length and depth, with few exceeding ten centimeters in depth or one meter in length (see Addendum 697-1). These cuts can appear in any material in the affected radius, including the flesh of living animals. Cuts occur at a rate of about one ever fifteen minutes, and the time it takes for a cut to form is about one centimeter per second. The cuts do not seem to be unusual in any manner save for the method of their formation, and can be repaired or healed normally. Cuts do not occur when SCP-697 is closed, allowing for easy long term storage.

Addendum 697-1: On ██-██-████ during testing of SCP-697, a large cut approximately one meter deep was formed on the wall of the testing chamber, extending across the entire wall. This wall was outside the normal radius of SCP-697’s affects. Testing has been postponed indefinitely.

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