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Image taken of SCP-700, background removed.

Item #: SCP-700

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each boot is to be held in a separate locked container, which are to be placed in separate secure rooms no less than 50 meters apart. Neither is to be removed without proper authorization from a Level 4 personnel. Any attempting to take them without authorization should be, if possible, captured, and questioned. Depending on response termination is approved. If capture is not possible, immediate termination is authorized. Currently, they are to be used only for testing until O5 clearance is given for use in the field. SCP-700 should be cleaned with warm water after testing.

Description: SCP-700 appears to be a set of simple brown leather boots, slightly worn. Dust builds on it at an accelerated rate, and soon after use dirt builds up on the bottom faster then it should. They are surprisingly light, and the bottom has proven to be incredibly hard, withstanding high heat, acid, and great forces.

If both boots are properly worn, the wearer thinks of a location within one to seven leagues (Twenty-One miles), faces toward that location, and they then take a step, at the instant the boot hits the ground the wearer and all objects on their person are teleported to the chosen location. As a person cannot accurately envision being inside a solid object, it has proven impossible to attempt to teleport into a wall or other large object. If a object has been moved to the spot the user thinks of since the last time they had seen it, they are teleported to directly on top of it. If there is insufficient room between the top of the object and another solid object, such as a ceiling, then [DATA EXPUNGED]. If a teleportation attempt is made with only one boot on, the wearer is torn in half, the bootless remaining and the teleporting half taken to the chosen location.

Addendum 700-1 Subject 700/12 was instructed to place on the boots, was shown a picture of a location twenty one miles away, and was then told to jump. Upon hitting the ground, the subject disappeared, but did not reappear at the chosen location. Subject was later found near ████████, ███████ in Europe. According to the subject, clocks in town indicated he had arrived approximately seven hours after landing.

Addendum 700-2 Subject 700/21 was told to place the boots on his hands, was shown a picture of a location twenty-one miles away, and then was told to press them on the wall. Once the boots made contact with the wall, [DATA EXPUNGED].

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