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Item #: SCP-703

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-703 is to be contained in a 6x6x12 meter cell at all times. SCP-703 is to be monitored remotely in shifts. Two armed guards are to be present at all times. Entry into the room while the light inside SCP-703 is on is prohibited by all but the class Class-D personnel sent to retrieve the item. See Incident Report #703-2.1.

Description: SCP-703 is a small closet, taken from a house in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-703 is 1.5 meters wide, 1 meter deep, and 2.5 meters tall. Attempts to verify the inside dimensions of SCP-703 have proven impossible. All personnel entering SCP-703 claim that, once inside, the walls 'vanish'. Personnel that have entered claim that everything becomes black. They can still see the light coming from the doorway, however, so no personnel have ever gotten lost inside SCP-703. Attempts to reach the far wall inside SCP-703 have also proven impossible.

While observing SCP-703 from the outside, it is possible to see the three inner walls. The inside of SCP-703 is painted white, as is the outside. There is only one item inside SCP-703, a standard 60 Watt light bulb hanging from a wire. The light bulb is classified as SCP-703-1.

Removal of SCP-703-1 from SCP-703 is not possible. It has also proven impossible to turn SCP-703-1 on. It will only come on of its own will. When SCP-703-1 turns on, exactly two minutes later, a random item will emerge from the doorway of SCP-703. No connection between items recovered from SCP-703 has yet been documented.

Additional Notes: The following is a list of items removed from SCP-703 while on Area #██ grounds.

1) Empty Coca-Cola can. Tests confirm that it is ordinary. Designated 703-██

2) Newspaper, dated ██-██-████. Designated 703-██

3) A human head. DNA Testing proves it to be from a test subject from SCP-004 testing. Designated 703-██

4) Three (3) bullets, .45 caliber, hollow point. (See Incident Report #703-2) Designated 703-██

5) Three (3) 5 cm length screws. Designated 703-██

6) A thick smoke which dissipated into the air before researchers could analyze it. Later testing showed the room to have high levels of fine ash in the air. Designated 703-██

7) A partially solved “Rubik's Cube” puzzle. Designated 703-██

8) Carbon monoxide gas. See Incident Report #703-3 Designated 703-██

9) Fifteen (15) highly-worn American pennies. Acid bathing has been unable to remove the corrosion. Designated 703-██

10) A Memorex brand audio cassette. There is no audio recorded on either side. Designated 703-██

11) A used medical strip. Designated 703-██

Incident Report #703-2
While obtaining 703-30, Researcher ██████ was struck by three (3) .45 caliber bullets, traveling at speeds equal to that of having been fired. Researcher ██████ was pronounced dead at the scene. The weapon(s) that fired these rounds has not been located.

Incident Report #703-2.1
Permission to use D-Class personnel to retrieve items granted.

Incident Report #703-3
Two minutes after SCP-703-1 had turned on, no item had emerged. Two D-Class Personnel sent to investigate. Both quickly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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