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Item #: SCP-704

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-704 must be kept in a monochrome room, using filtered lights to allow as little color saturation as possible to SCP-704's surroundings. Personnel must wear clothing devoid of any color, i.e. shades of gray. Dulling visors should be worn by personnel at all times to filter out all color from their vision. Personnel who suspect a failure of equipment safety should immediately close their eyes (no matter what dangers appear to be nearby) and attempt to leave the vicinity of SCP-704.

Description: Moved to Site 19 in 1998. Tests on SCP-704 have revealed that it is floral in nature, but possessing internal structures not found in any other living being to date. Under ideal containment, the item appears as an ordinary, if pure white and somewhat overgrown, flower with oddly shaped petals. Initially found under ideal circumstances (a dark, dully-painted room), upon first exposure to a colored background, SCP-704 immediately began emanating strange sounds and quickly assuming bright, constantly-changing colors (see Addendum). Additional tests were required before special containment procedures could be utilized effectively, resulting in the loss of nine personnel before containment.

Exposure to SCP-704's effects has caused extreme psychosis at least, and massive cerebral hemorrhaging resulting in death at most.

Addendum: those with Level 3 security clearance should see Document #704-1 and #704-2.

Document #704-1: While most personnel exposed to SCP-704's effects were incapacitated or killed too quickly to be questioned, small amounts of data have described the strange sounds as sounding at first like psychedelic music that quickly progresses into a discordant cacophony and then "demonic" roars. The visual effects seem to include strange delusions, or sights never previously seen by the human eye or mind: indescribable colors and visions; aberrant, frightening, or "hellish" creatures; etc.

Document #704-2: Color-blind Class D personal that have been exposed to SCP-704 reported the flower's petals to be constantly changing shades of white and light grey. When SCP-704 was exposed to colored objects while the color-blind personal where near it, they did not report any of the strange sounds or psychedelic music, although they did hear a muted buzzing sound that increased with intensity that eventually resulted in the death of all color-blind subjects. Notable differences were the duration before their death from exposure. The difference in time was just short of thrice the time for regularly sited subjects. No hellish creatures were sited, although subjects reported a sense of 'smallness' and that the walls of the containment room moved away 'to infinity'.
Test involving color-blind, deaf subjects pending approval and acquisition.

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