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SCP-706 startled by photographer

Item #: SCP-706

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-706 is housed in her own room which contains simple furnishings, a simple bed, small 3 tier bookshelf, and a CD playing device. She may request any kind of book and it may be provided assumed a copy can be found. Books of an obviously dubious nature are not allowed nor have they been requested as of this time. Any requested music may be provided if available. SCP-706 may also visit SCP-544 and at that point will remain under the watch of SCP-544 and his guard on duty until she wishes to return. SCP-706 may also accompany Dr. ███████ without guard as they have been established to function safely together. At no time is SCP-706 to remove her 'covering' unless a documented request is filed before or after the event. If for any reason SCP-706 has been found to have removed her 'covering' without this documentation the staff member associated with the event will be disciplined harshly up to termination.

Description: SCP-706 is in appearance a young girl of fourteen to sixteen (14-16) years of age with an allowed +/- 2 year possible range of error. Reasons for the large gap in age stems from the inability to get a direct answer from the subject, mixed results from tests using dating methods against a sample of subject's DNA, and subject being in a stage of development where the actual age can be considered blurry without solid evidence such as birth data or parental confirmation, of which the subject possesses neither.

SCP-706 wears at all times a protective 'shell' that causes her appearance to resemble that of a porcelain doll. If subject's skin is left exposed to open air for longer than 8 hours, the exposed skin will harden and then peel away from the main body in a perfectly uniform shape. This shell serves to separate her from contact with other individuals and protect herself from the environment around her. Samples of skin taken from SCP-706 show her entire outer dermal layer is composed of dead cells, so they do not regenerate or heal from damage. If SCP-706 is exposed to significant damage and allowed to rest the damaged skin will peel off of her twice, once to remove the damaged portions and once to reform her covering shell.

Direct exposure to SCP-706's skin is her primary reason for containment coupled with concern for her own safety due to her unique appearance. Living humans who touch SCP-706's skin beneath her covering become infected with a rapidly spreading necrotizing disease which will consume all skin on the infected's body after two hours time. The infected will remain alive even after all dermal layers have been dissolved; however, new skin cells will not grow to replace the lost layers.

Certain people have been found to be immune to these effects. Dr. ███████ for unknown reasons as of now, and SCP-544 due to what is assumed to be the healing/protective properties of SCP-544-A. These people have been authorized to provide company to SCP-706 for study on their interactions and the possibility of using them to create an agent to cure the corrosive touch of SCP-706 as well as other skin-related diseases.

All other physiology of SCP-706 appears to be perfectly normal with the obvious exception of her doll-like appearance; she has a working set of internal organs and maintains a slightly high body temperature of 37.944°C (100.3° F). When outside her cell SCP-706 enjoys dressing in school girl garb resembling that of Asian students although her wardrobe has become modestly extensive following donations of hand-me-down clothing. This donation behavior has not been requested or encouraged but is accepted as it provides both an additional layer of protection for staff interacting with SCP-706 and keeps the subject in a calm and placid state.

While in her cell SCP-706 will often strip from her clothing and destroy her skin shell covering intentionally, remaining nude until a new shell forms and then redressing. This behavior is similar to that displayed by snakes during their growth however no noticeable increases in size or changes in physical appearance have been recorded.


██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: Observed strange behavior during testing of SCP-706's skin sample. SCP-706 came into contact with live skin samples being used for comparison, within 45 seconds those skin samples had, for lack of better terms, 'vaporized'. Observation time was short but skin was watched during last 5 seconds and found to be actively eaten away by something presumably from SCP-706, who apologized when asked if she did that. Further testing requested.

██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: Further skin samples provided to SCP-706, all exhibited same deterioration. Requesting a larger sample be provided for extended study as lifespan of smaller samples is too short to determine a source of decomposition. It is possible SCP-706 receives nutrition from skin in this fashion.

██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: Class-D Personnel subject slated for termination presented to SCP-706. Hesitation was shown by SCP-706 until assured she could touch the presented subject who expressed expected level of mild concern due to SCP-706's appearance. When the skin shell covering SCP's hand was removed and her bare flesh touched to Class-D Subject a time lapse of approximately 3 seconds later the process began to manifest where the touched portion of skin started disappearing. The visual effect from this is similar to watching a piece of paper burn away. At a time lapse of 0h:48m subject began pleading for antidote. When asked if in pain subject admitted he was only feeling pain on the exposed parts of his body, the consumption of the dermal layers appears to be painless, the nerves going first maybe. At 0h:54m subject begged to be terminated stating he could feel every particle of dust landing on the exposed muscle. At 1h:13m subject's entire front layer had been dissolved. Subject at this point passed out and final consumption of dermal layer occurred at 3h:20m. SCP-706 hid behind me the entire test and refused to watch process.

██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: Stupidly came into contact with SCP-706 today, time lapse is 14m 38s and yet nothing has happened to me. Unsure what makes me different from yesterday's subject but all dermal layers are intact and functioning. I have taken a skin sample from myself with difficulty but found no abnormalities that would explain the difference in reactions. Is it a matter of desire or will on SCP-706's part who to affect or not affect? I posed this question to her and she replied with only a blank, vacant stare. I don't think she understands any more than I do.

██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: SCP-544 came into contact with SCP-706 today and as of yet has not shown any signs of decomposition. The two were passing in the hallway when a group of technicians rushed past and caused the two to collide, breaking SCP-706's recently formed shell. SCP-544 helped SCP-706 to her feet and the two made bare skin contact, SCP-706 then returned SCP-544-A to SCP-544 and the two parted ways. This event occurred one day ago and my own contact with SCP-706 occurred over three days ago.

██-██-████ Report by Dr. ███████: SCP-706 was presented to a group of five men in a test to determine if the behavior first witnessed was a fluke or not. These men were slated for termination and were told if they could overpower SCP-706 they would be given anything within our power to grant. Conditions for this test included the men to all be nude to make sure of contact between SCP-706 and a living subject's epidermis. SCP-706 was removed from her shell and stripped down, then allowed to enter the room. Initial reaction was as expected, concern from some, disgust from others, but the allure of a nude female no matter her appearance quickly took precedence. An armed guard was on hand should matters have proved me wrong but it appears the initial occurrences are the rule rather than the exception.
SCP-706 backed into a corner and was grabbed by the nearest man and forced against a wall. The first man to come into contact with SCP-706 was immediately afflicted and his dermal layers quickly began disintegrating at the point of contact, spreading from the palm to the hand and up the arm. SCP-706 was pushed away from this subject and caught by three others who were unaware of what was occurring with the first subject. These three then pushed SCP-706 away again and exhibited the same disintegration of dermal layers with multiple points of contact. All subjects exhibited decomposition of the dermal layers that began at 10s after exposure and finished at 30s after exposure. Theorized that heightened stress in SCP-706 could lead to fast-acting exposure results instead of the delayed reaction first recorded.
At this point in the test four of the initial five Class-D subjects had been neutralized by SCP-706's touch and were observed writhing on the ground screaming. The loss of the epidermis did not lead to the loss of nerve structures beneath it and as a result everything the subjects came into contact with including the floor, walls, and each other, led to pain responses. The final subject remaining had retreated to a corner of the testing area and curled into a fetal position, begging to be released. SCP-706 was instructed to come into contact with this subject to finalize the test.
After placing her hand against the final subject's cheek the same dermal disintegration manifested after 15s of time, spreading over the entirety of his body in 50s time. SCP-706 was observed to be more relaxed during this phase of the test, further reinforcing belief that her stress level directly affects the potency of the deterioration process.
After the test had completed the subjects were transported to a medical facility for examination. Pain responses were confirmed during the test itself so it was chosen to observe the effect of exposure on the subjects. SCP-706 was allowed to rest long enough for her body to recreate its exoskeleton then was clothed and returned to her quarters along with several Disney DVDs which were promised to her for co-operating in the test.
The subjects involved in the test were observed for five days. During this time one self-terminated by forcing his head through a mirror in the medical area then cutting his jugular with the broken glass. Two of the remaining subjects were terminated after they were discovered to be drawing in ants overnight who had begun to build a colony within them. The ants in the medical area were also destroyed and an extermination team is slated to clear the room and seal possible breaches in the structure this weekend. The final two subjects were moved to a new medical area and observed to develop a series of pustules across the entirety of their body. Of these two subjects one was lost after biting off their own tongue and bleeding to death. The final subject has been sequestered and is being considered for use in testing SCPs that demonstrate regenerative or healing properties. There is also consideration in using samples of this subject's shell to see what output would be generated by SCP-914.

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