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Image of SCP-707, captured by an accidentally-discharged Polaroid camera.

Item #: SCP-707

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-707 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. If the container must be entered, four personnel of at least Level 2 must constantly observe the door, while two more personnel per entering individual observe those inside through one-way mirrored glass. The container is to be kept brightly lit by omnidirectional lights that eliminate all shadow within the container.

Those with a record or family history of paranoia, dementia, or other serious mental illnesses are not to be permitted into SCP-707's container, or the immediate area surrounding it.

Description: SCP-707 was originally discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-707's inherent properties have made it difficult to study. Tests have shown that 707 will actively avoid the line of sight of any individual, as well as any device that is currently being used by said individuals to search for it. However, individuals near the SCP report seeing "shadows" at the edge of their vision, as though "someone is moving just outside of [their] view". Short-term exposure has shown to have no adverse effects on properly briefed and watched individuals, though those who have spent long periods of time in 707's presence, or are unprepared for the encounter, have occasionally been affected by chronic paranoia, ranging in severity from minor to [EXPUNGED].

Document # SCP-707-1: Transcripts of conversation with █████, who made contact with SCP-707 when [EXPUNGED] have been copied below.

Dr. ██████ ████: Tell me what you saw.
█████: It wasn't quite there. Whatever "it" was.
Dr. ████: What do you mean?
█████: Have you ever thought you saw something, and turned to see what it was, but it was gone?
Dr. ████: Not personally, no, but I've heard people talk about it.
█████: It was like that, except it kept happening. I… can still feel it watching me.
Dr. ████: SCP-707 is in its container, █████. It can't see you.
█████: I'd… like to go to my room now.

[Personnel █████ was found dead in [EXPUNGED] at approximately 0820 hours Greenwich Mean Time, having committed suicide by hanging. A hastily-scribbled note was found, written in black ink, upon which the words "I can feel it watching" were inscribed.]

Forty-eight hours later, following orders from O5-██, SCP-707 was reclassified from Safe to Euclid.

Addendum: Relation to SCP-435 has been hypothesized, but is currently unable to be tested, for previously-mentioned reasons.

Document # SCP-707-2: After [DATA EXPUNGED], Dr. ███ █████ has discovered that devices left unattended in SCP-707's chamber will record momentary movements of shadows, presumably caused by the SCP. Attempts to slow down or enhance such images cause SCP-707 to disappear from the frame completely. When attempts to load previously copied versions of images or videos were made [EXPUNGED], resulting in [EXPUNGED] and immediate disintegration of [EXPUNGED]. No method for successfully returning the image has been found, and no plans of testing new methods are planned for the foreseeable future.

Notice: Dr. Heller has been approved additional experimentation with the interaction between SCP-707 and other non-Keter SCPs. Any Doctors who wish to collaborate with him, contact him immediately. -Dr. Hell

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