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Item #: SCP-708

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-708 is to be kept in a standard storage vault when not being observed. All personnel wishing to observe SCP-708 must submit a written request to ██████. All observations must be visually recorded, and resulting records filed with ████████ Department at the end of each session.

Description: SCP-708 is an egg shaped crystal approximately two centimeters wide and five centimeters long composed of an unknown material that resembles quartz. It can be observed to glow faintly in the dark. Hardness tests have not been conducted for fear of damaging the SCP-708 unique properties. It was purchased in ██████ England at a local antiques shop for five Pounds by ██████ ████ in the year ████. When he died it was inherited by his son, Agent █████, who brought it to the attention of the Foundation.

When viewed under a strong light, SCP-708 shows a view of a desolate landscape, devoid of life. Astronomical observations indicate that the viewpoint is located somewhere on the southern hemisphere of the planet Mars. The viewpoint is located approximately ten meters above ground, and when SCP-708 is viewed from a different angle, the angle of the viewpoint changes to match that of the new line of sight. It is unknown how this effect is generated, but gravimetric tests have ruled out the possibility of a wormhole.

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