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Item #: SCP-709

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly is both dimensionally and geographically stable. For safety purposes, no one but the research teams and authorised security or maintenance personnel should be allowed access to the containment chamber. The activation matrix has been security coded with a user password and initiators accessed by a biometric identification console.

Description: SCP-709 was discovered at its current location in ███████, Northern Scotland in early 1998. It is invisible to eye sight and undetectable by normal human senses, aside from a small temperature differential and a slight static charge within the body of the anomaly itself, usually resulting in what civilians identify as 'the hackles rising on the back of my neck', and 'feeling like someone just walked over my grave'. Viewed electromagnetically, SCP 709 emits low levels of infrared radiations and a slight electro magnetic field.

Object was discovered when a lightning storm in the city of ███████ caused the anomaly to become active and open, at which time the house built on that property was drawn through the aperture, disappearing from the world. This event drew the attention of Foundation agents. Since it was geographically static, the Foundation purchased the property and sealed it off from the public, and shortly thereafter began construction of a new facility, designated as Site 42.

SCP-709 is a dimensional anomaly, a 'weak point' in a barrier between this dimension and another one. In dimensions, the anomaly is a rough sphere about two (2) meters in diameter, suspended approximately naught point one five (0.15) meters above the ground. When active, the anomaly takes the form of a roughly circular aperture, again two (2) meters across. To activate the anomaly, a high intensity energy input is required. In the past, the anomaly was activated by natural phenomena - primarily direct lightning strikes. Through extended experimentation, the precise activation energy has been found to be three hundred and seventy two (372) mega joules, delivered by 'jumping' a high intensity electrical discharge between two conducting spheres placed on either side of the anomaly - in effect, an artificial bolt of lightning.

The dimension beyond the anomaly is a flat plain of black sand. The sky is constantly filled with storm clouds, flickering with lightning in a range of colours. There is no sign of civilisation or even sustained life in the other dimension, though it is capable of sustaining life. Atmosphere is composed of approximately 23% oxygen, 75% nitrogen, 2% carbon dioxide, 1% other gasses. There appears to be no naturally occurring water, however, which may account for the lack of indigenous life. Suggested plans for an inter-dimensional facility have been submitted to 05 personnel. (Review Pending)

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