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Item #: SCP-710

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-710 is to be kept in a lead envelope in a lead filing cabinet in a lead bunker 200 kilometres from any settlement. This is a temporary solution at best, and ideally SCP-710 should be placed in the Nunuvut Facility.

Description: SCP-710 is a copy of the report on SCP-072 prepared by [NAME REDACTED]. It was amongst the papers the survivors of the Nunuvut Facility recovered before the Facility’s Closure. It was exposed to SCP-072 during the facility’s evacuation, and now shares SCP-072’s properties. An excerpt of the report is reproduced in Document #710-01.

Document #710-01: Report on SCP-072 by [NAME REDACTED] (Excerpt #1)

REPORT SUMMARY: SCP-072 was recovered from Rideau Hall in 1972, and has been in SCP hands since the mid 1980’s. SCP-072 is not one object, but instead three small blue ceramic beads and a small pile of sand that share one unique property. All three are radioactive and continue to release radiation. The quantity of radiation released increases at a slow, constant, predictable rate.

Document #710-02: Report on SCP-072 by [NAME REDACTED] (Excerpt #2)


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