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Item #: SCP-711

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-711 is kept on a bookcase in Director Peters’ office. Any personnel wishing to examine SCP-711 should contact Director Peters or refer to Dr. Jacobson for access to a digital copy of the document.

Description: SCP-711 is a copy of a textbook titled Engineering Design, 19th Edition, published by McGraw-Hill. The copyright date given is 2042. It appears to be a standard entry level text containing information about the engineering design process. Investigation has determined that while The McGraw-Hill Companies do in fact manufacture a textbook by this name, at the time that SCP-711 was discovered they had only produced up to the fourth edition of the text.

The graphics given as examples in SCP-711 include pictures of consumer products that do not yet exist, such as a large commercial space plane manufactured by Lockheed Martin, buildings several kilometers tall that utilize lighter than air building materials, and what appears to be a personal computer contained in a necklace. Much of the information given in it relating to the practice of engineering is similar to that found in similar textbooks from the modern era, but includes information on several unorthodox design and manufacturing techniques and technologies, such as tabletop fabrication facilities intended for consumer use and widespread usage of advanced nanomaterials and amorphous metals.

SCP-711 was recovered from a textbook warehouse in █████, Texas, where it was found on a pallet of modern textbooks on the same subject. Chlorine-36 dating techniques indicate that SCP-711 is from at least thirty years in the future. Although the use of chlorine-36 dating to determine the origin of anachronistic SCPs is not widely accepted, the results are consistent with information provided within the book itself.

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