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Item #: SCP-711

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in locker ██, in the high security storage area at Site ██. Item is not to be accessed under any circumstances with any authorisation under O5 level. Four armed guards are to be placed at the entrance to the containment area at all times; any member of personnel entering the area will be escorted at all times by two of those guards. Anyone attempting to access locker ██ is to be terminated immediately, regardless of security clearance, unless they are in possession of an acquisition order directly from O5-██. Any person attempting to access the high security storage area without clearance are to be terminated immediately, regardless of security clearance.

Description: SCP-711 is a smooth glass sphere, seven point one (7.1) cm in diameter. Subject is completely resistant to any attempt to harm it. Also of note is the faint blue glow that emanates from its center.

SCP-711 was not so much acquired as it was delivered; object simply appeared in the middle of a freak electrical storm that occurred in the canteen area of Site ██. Examination of area revealed a three point one (3.1) hour time differential, suggesting a moderately powerful temporal distortion (this was ascertained by Dr. ███████ and his team from undamaged clocks and autopsies of the dead personnel, who it turns out had suffocated approximately one point three (1.3) hours after the beginning of the temporal event).

When approached by SCP personnel, object began to relay a verbal pre-recorded message, apparently from ██-██ of the SCP Foundation to himself. This information was relayed to ██-██, after which high level security measures were immediately ordered. A transcription of that message follows.

Addendum: Transcription of message relayed by SCP-711; recorded ██ / ██ / ██, by ██-██, to himself.

Addendum: Message from new head of Site ██ to O5-██.
Object contained under highest security protocol, all personnel who are aware of the message's contents terminated as ordered. Sir, is it true?

Addendum: Message from O5-██ to J. Prince.
Questions will not be tolerated. Object to be contained at all costs. This is a Class gamma-gamma-three security protocol. All communications and speculations about SCP-711 will cease immediately. O5-██ out.

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