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SCP-712 during initial examination

Item #: SCP-712

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in the High Value Storage at Sector-28. Under no circumstances is it to be connected to any display device outside of authorized experimentation. Personnel above D-Class may use the object only with explicit permission of at least two O5s, and after a thorough psychological screening.

Description: SCP-712 is a Sony Disc Explorer jukebox style DVD player. It shows normal wear from moderate use, and requires all the normal accessories, such as power and display devices. However, if a person watches a series through it, the viewer will gradually change to match a character in the show, apparently selected by the device itself. The selection seems to be based first on gender, then ethnicity, then age, and the change proceeds both mentally and physically, with the mental transformation proceeding more quickly than the physical. Once the process is complete, the viewer has become, to all intents and purposes, the character, retaining only a basic survival knowledge of the original person's culture.

The change requires at least six to eight hours of non-repeat viewing of material featuring a given character. Skills can be gained and lost in the process; in the incident which led to the object’s discovery, a waitress with only a high school education became a linguist of exceptional ability and a talented singer, but lost the skills expected of an experienced waitress.

Addendum: Agent Talmor discovered this SCP when attending a small ███ ███ convention in Seattle, where she noticed an increasing number of look-alikes of the series’ actors, of varying degrees of quality, and traced them back to the convention’s video room. After assessing the situation, she proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] and bring the original back to Sector-28, claiming it needed servicing. A substitute of the same model was then sent to the original owner.

Personal Note: We lucked out with this one. Imagine if this had been set up at a ███ ███ or anime convention. A few ████ or █████ wandering around aren’t too bad, but Jedi or Urusei Yatsura aliens, or Ranma-style martial artists? I don’t even want to think about it. - Agent Talmor

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