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Item #: SCP-712

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-712 is contained a standard locker with two (2) armed guards stationed at all times. All researchers wishing to use the item for testing must has clearance from a level 3 or higher researcher and are to be escorted by at least one armed guard for the duration of all research. Any persons attempting to ingest the item are to be restrained and scheduled for psychological evaluation. If restraint is not possible, termination is authorized as a last resort.

Description: SCP-712 is a small stone weighing 0.45 kg. It is about the size of a baseball but its shape roughly resembles a pyramid, with heavily rounded edges and point. Subjects who have a direct line of sight with the item and no barrier between it will have an urge to ingest it. This effect is negated by any barrier, regardless of whether or not it interferes with the line of sight. Visual contact made with mirrors also has no effect.

The urges caused by the item vary from individual to individual. Most people will attempt to consume it and stop after several attemtps. Due to the size/shape of the object, ingestion is not possile without causing damge to the mouth and throat. Roughly 5% of subject tested will report a desire to ingest the object but are able to resist it, claiming they simply did not want to swallow something that size. Of all subjects tested, only one has successfully swallowed the item although it broke the subjects jaw, cracked 3 of his teeth and caused internal trama to his esophogus. Once swallowed, the SCP began converting the subjects body into stone. This process begain the in the stomach and radiatd outward at a rate of approximately 3cm/min. Subject described the process as unpleasant but not painful. Subject reported feeling no pain in the converted areas, and could still move areas even after they were entirely converted into stone. After 43 min subjects entire body was converted. Subject (henceforth refered to as SCP-712-1) could still move, although movements seemed slowed, intelligence and resoning abilities were the same as prior to conversion.

SCP-712-1 began to, in its own words, "test it's new body" and displayed enchanged strenghth, being able to rip a .3m thick steel door off its hinges, although at great effort to the subject. SCP-712-1 attempted to breach containment and was found to be resistant to gunfire. Subject was damaged by bullets, but they did little more than dent the stone he was made of, and did little to stop the SCP as it felt no pain from its injuries. Agent ██████ terminated subject via anti-tank rouns fired at the neck, affectively decapitating the SCP. Once the head was severed, subjects body crumbled to a pile of sand, with SCP-712 resting at the top of the pile. Agent ██████ managed to recontain the artifact without incident by closing his eyes and placing item into a paper bag, negating its effects on surrounding personel. Current containment methods were introduced after this incident.

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