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Item #: SCP-713

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-713 does not currently require any special containment procedures. As of this writing, (January ██, ████) SCP-713 is being held in an all white Research Site with the dimensions of 8'x8'x8'. SCP-713 is placed on top of a mannequin's head in the center of the room on the floor. Next to SCP-713 is a wooden chair, for user pleasure. Due to the 'Safe' classification of SCP-713, any and all personnel are allowed to enter the Research Site holding the item and "Use" it at their own will.

Description: SCP-713 appears to be an ordinary female wig. It was transferred to the SCP Foundation from █████████, New York in 194█. The item had previously been used in various play productions. The incident which influenced the transfer of SCP-713 to the SCP Foundation was described as female actress [DATA EXPUNGED] placing the item on her head in a frenzy to get out onto the stage in time. When [DATA EXPUNGED] came out in front of the audience, she was at a complete loss of words and later stated that she had forgotten every single one of her lines as well as the name of the character she portrayed in the play. It must also be noted that in order to ease the awkwardness of her loss of words, [DATA EXPUNGED] impulsively began tap-dancing extremely well - a trait she had never practiced or even looked into prior to that show.

From this initial data, SCP-713 was acceptably realized to make the applicant of 'The Wig' lose one memory (can be somewhat large scale, but always pertaining to the same subject matter - i.e. entire part in play instead of just one line) and gain one memory in exchange.

The effects of SCP-713 are only adhered to the user each time they apply the item. What is meant by this is that if one were to place the item on their head for a prolonged period of time, the user would only lose one memory and gain one new one. [See Addendum 713-2 for additional information]

Addendum 713-1
The item only appears to have a desired effect on humans. When SCP-713 was placed on top of a few flowers inside of a pot on the ledge of Dr. ███████'s office window, the plants immediately started wilting and died within several minutes as well as dried up all of the dirt holstering the flowers.

Addendum 713-2
In an attempt to test SCP-713's long term effects, Dr. Wakeman made the announcement that he'd be placing the item on his head for a full year, beginning January 1, 199█. He made note that within the first few days, he did not notice anything abnormal (This is usually the way the effects are observed at first). On day 11, Wakeman made note that both he and his co-workers were stunned by his ability to write and speak fluently in Greek. Wakeman never noted for sure what his forgotten memory was, although he did note on day 1 that when told to 'make the first left and the second right,' Wakeman made his first right and was disappointed to find there was no hallway to his left (although there was one to his right). Wakeman attributed this forgetting to a temporary mind lapse, for soon after he re-acquired the directions (stating he must have misheard them) and reached his destination - in turn 're-learning' his left from right. Wakeman's studies were of course halted on day ███ due to his interaction with SCP-███. SCP-713 was not harmed during this incident.

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