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SCP-715, not in use.

Item #: SCP-715

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-715 is to be disconnected from all power sources while not in use for testing, and should have the curtain pulled open with an appropriate length of duct tape. SCP-715 is to be kept under live video surveillance twenty-four hours a day, with tapes stored and reviewed in case of incident.

While in use for testing, no less than five fully armed and armored guards must be present in case of an altercation. All products of SCP-715 must be observed for the duration of their existence, and are not allowed to exit the testing area without at least two personnel of Security Level 2 or higher in accompaniment. Requests for any product of SCP-715 will be reviewed and either approved or disapproved immediately.

All personnel going to enter SCP-715 for testing must remove all weaponry, name badges, security clearance cards, and all other forms of identification or self-defense.

Description: SCP-715 appears to be a standard photo booth, the kind often found at carnivals and in malls. It was located first in the lobby of the ███████████, Las Vegas. Staff and records could not identify when or from whom SCP-715 had been purchased, recalling it to have "always been there". In build, it is no different from any other photo booth of similar make, and was labeled 'Out of Order' as it does not dispense photos.

However, approximately five minutes after being used by any individual (or two, or three), a clone/copy of said individual emerges from the booth. It is unknown how this occurs, as all recording devices placed in the booth suffer temporary malfunction, and the clone does not appear so long as the curtain is drawn aside to reveal the interior of the cloning booth. Said clone is a physically perfect replica of the person, down to their clothes and any items they had on their person during the cloning process.

The notable difference from the original person is the clone's hyper-exaggerated emotions, and often times a lack of self-control. Clones tend to display strong personality traits that the original often is attempting to suppress. This has led to a wide variety of emotional responses and multiple clones of the same person do not all exhibit the same personalities, as well. [See Addendum]

Clones, however, have a set lifespan of fifteen minutes from their materialization onwards. At the end of this fifteen-minute cycle, clones are often overcome with extreme fatigue and many report experiencing a very peaceful, relaxing sensation. Quickly afterward, the clones, and all other cloned objects with them, dissolve into a fine gray powder, identified as a previously unknown mix of several proteins and polymer chains. Not all clones go so peacefully, though, as some will struggle against falling unconscious before dissolving and will remain struggling until almost fully dissolved, and others have been observed to commit suicide or invoke situations that involved immediate termination. Once dead, even if fifteen minutes are not over, the clone dissolves quickly.

Addendum: See Incident and Experiment Log 715 for more information.

"Have you seen another Dr. Rights come through here? Not wearing her name badge? Probably attempting to molest or attack people…? That way? Thank you!" - Dr. Rights

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