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Item #: SCP-716

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-716 should be completely empty at all times. As SCP-716 consistently fills itself even when near a vacuum, it should be emptied using a vacuum on a daily basis.

Description: SCP-716 is a ████████ brand trash bag. Any material placed in the trash bag will replicate itself slowly, until the trash bag is full. This occurs at an exponential rate. Typically dust particles in the bag take approximately twenty four (24) hours to fill, while a one centimeter by one centimeter by one centimeter steel block placed in the bag filled it within one (1) hour.
When SCP-716 is full, new replicas will begin to be created outside of the bag. This will continue until the material being replicated is removed from the bag. There does not seem to be any limitation on how far away new replicas are, and thus the process could continue indefinitely. New replicas at this point are increasingly imperfect and different from the original. Suggestions to use SCP-716 to replicate SCP-148 have been █████.

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