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Item #: SCP-719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-719 is to be kept in the secure lockers at Site-19. There are two keys to said locker, both held by separate Researchers. The Researchers who hold the keys are to rotate on the first of the month. Only Overseers are allowed access to the information of who holds the keys.

Description: SCP-719 is a black metal circle, 7 cm in diameter, covered by a similar black metal mesh on one side, and a magnet on the other. The inside metal disc bears an imprint of the words 'The Factory.' The metal appears to be simple steel, and is easily disassembled and destroyed. 719 is identical to SCP-721 and 720.

When a drop of blood from a human is introduced to the mesh grating of 719, the subject becomes encased in a fifteen meter tall tower of fire. The fire burns for approximately five minutes before consuming itself. It burns at a temperature of exactly 103 degrees Celsius.

Of interest, only the subject and his immediate belongings catch fire. Nothing else exposed to the flame ignites, not even paper.

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