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Item #: SCP-720

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Five specimens of SCP-720, numbered SCP-720-A through E, are currently in our possession. SCP-720-A, B and C are to be kept in Dr. Bright's office when not in use. 720-D is always to be tuned to SCP-076-2, locked inside a secure box with a transmitter within, so as to insure no sound carries over. There must always be two guards on the receiving end of the transmitter, for monitoring purposes. 720-E is on permanent assignment to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: In appearance, 720 is a black metal circle, 7 cm in diameter, covered by a similar black metal mesh on one side, and a magnet on the other. The inside metal disc bears an imprint of the words 'The Factory.' The metal appears to be simple steel, and is easily disassembled and destroyed. 720-F has already been lost to such tests. SCP-720 is identical to SCP-721 and SCP-719.

When a drop of human blood is applied to the mesh of 720, the device begins to broadcast anything said by the subject, and continues broadcasting until 720 is washed clean. A second effect, anything within hearing range of 720 is broadcast back to the subject, who hears everything as a sort of mental broadcast.

SCP-720 is one of the more unusual SCPs in that it appears to have been mass produced. Research into who or what "The Factory" is has so far been inconclusive. This item was first brought to our attention by [DATA REDACTED] who made use of the device in field assignments.

Notes: We are all professionals here. On that note, the next time I find 720 installed in the ladies washroom, someone is joining the Puddlejumpers.
-Dr. Bright

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