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Item #: SCP-721

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Three specimens of SCP-721, numbered 721-A through C, are currently in our possession. SCP-721-A and B are kept in Dr. Bright's office, locked in his wall safe. SCP-721-C is permanently assigned to Dr. Bright, for personal use. Use of A or B requires permission from Dr. Bright.

Description: 721 is a black metal circle, 7 cm in diameter, covered by a similar black metal mesh on one side, and a magnet on the other. The inside metal disc bears an imprint of the words 'The Factory.' The metal appears to be simple steel, and is easily disassembled and destroyed. 721 is identical to SCP-719 and SCP-720.

SCP-721 functions in a similar manner to 719 and 720. A drop of human blood acts as the catalyst, dripped through the mesh screen on top. After this process has been performed, SCP-721 needs to be set upon some form of blank medium, be it paper, audio tape, video tape, or a blank Wordpad document.

Note: 721 has proved functional on open ended media, such as radios or television as well.

Once in place, the blood donor becomes capable of transferring anything from his own mind onto the blank medium. The following tests demonstrate the results of such.

Test Log:

Test 1
Medium: Blank White Paper
Result: Subject was able to transfer both words and pictures onto the blank paper. The written text showed up in the subjects own handwriting, although it was proven he could change this with an exertion of will. The text appeared as if written in pencil. The pictures were of a complexity the subject has proven incapable of duplicating on his own.

Test 2
Medium: Blank Audio Tape
Result: Subject was capable of transferring multiple monologues onto the tape, in his own voice, without speaking aloud. After some prodding, subject was able to insert a dialogue he was witness to, in the voices of the researchers. After much coaxing, subject produced what amounted to his own five man play, with multiple voices and sound effects, all sounding like the real things.

Test 3
Medium: Blank DVD
Result: Test subject was capable of creating video files of startling complexity. Beginning with a simple video log, the subject was able to expand upon this until proving he was capable of producing a full ninety minute movie, special effects and all, all in the span of 10 minutes.

Note: All right, enough with the asking to make this thing Keter! Yes, the 'porn' that Dr. Steel made is quite horrible, but that's why he is not allowed access to 721 anymore. Seriously, it couldn't be that bad. - Dr. Bright

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