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Photograph of SCP-723, taken from a distance.

Item #: SCP-723

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Considering the nature of SCP-723's imprisonment, it cannot be moved from where it was found. To remedy this situation, Site ██ was built around the cave where SCP-723 is located.

The chains holding SCP-723 are to be checked twice monthly to make sure no damage has been done to said chains. If SCP-723 escapes from its restraints all Level 1 and above personnel are to evacuate Site ██, and an attempt is to be made to sedate the subject.

Description: SCP-723 was found in ██████████, ████████ in ██-██-20██, by Field Agent ███████ Nifar, who was in the area on personal business. Agent Nifar stumbled upon the cave where SCP-723 was contained, the mouth of which had Old Norse runes which were partially eroded. The only thing that could be translated was the word "Beware".

SCP-723 is a abnormally large previously undiscovered creature that vaguely resembles a canine. It is roughly 10m tall and 50m from nose to tail, and has a row of what appears to be bone spikes running down its back, starting just behind the head and ending at the end of the tail. SCP-723 also has dermal plating that can resist handgun fire. In addition, its fur is extraordinarily thick, and matted in areas with what appears to be blood. The subject is bound by seemingly ordinary chains, which keep it from standing or moving. However the chains have proved resistant to everything used to test their durability so far. The subject's mouth is also held closed by the same chains, in a sort of muzzle. However, this does not prevent SCP-723 from communicating.

The method of communication used by SCP-723 is currently unknown, as not only should the muzzle prevent any form of speech, but its mouth does not appear to be shaped correctly to replicate human speech. Despite this, SCP-723 is capable of communicating in a number of Germanic languages, and has learned several words and phrases in English. For recorded conversations with SCP-723 please see Interview Log 723. Unfortunately, most conversations with SCP-723 end with it threatening to kill the interviewer, and everyone else, once it gets free, hence its Keter classification.

Note: I know you guys think it's funny, but stop with the "Do not feed the wolf" signs. It detracts from the professionalism. - Dr. Corvus

Note: And the signs with an arm in 723's mouth and an X painted over that are right out as well. Next person who sets up any kind of unauthorized sign is being shipped back to Site 19 for 682 duty. - Agent Nifar

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