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The Compass, before it was acquired by Agent ████████

Item #: SCP-724

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-724 is to be housed in a 2x2 meter glass cube. It is to be monitored for all unauthorized contact. Two guards are to be present at all times, rotating on eight (8) hour shifts. SCP-724 is to be removed to Site [EXPUNGED] for cleaning of the containment room every two (2) months. SCP-724 is to be handled with the utmost care.

Description: SCP-724 is a 3 5/8 inches (9 cm) diameter, 1 pound, 4 ounce (564 grams) brass directional compass found off the shore of [DATA EXPUNGED] in 19██ by Agent ████████. SCP-724 is delicate in nature, and as such is required to be handled carefully. SCP-724 exhibits a unique property of a "moral compass". SCP-724 is able to discern a subject's emotions and motives when the subject is asked a question, or by being in close proximity to the subject.

SCP-724 points towards North for positive emotions, and likewise with South for negative emotions. SCP-724 points towards East when a subject is confused, or wrestling with a tough decision. Subjects for whom SCP-724 points West are to be terminated.

Experiment 724-a:

Subject is a male, thirty-four (34) years of age, Caucasian, 200lbs, 5"11'. Subject has previously been convicted on killing several civilians at a fight in 20██. Subject has extreme anger issues, and had to be sedated before commencement of experiment.

SCP-724 placed near subject. SCP-724's needle beings to violently rotate for several seconds, until coming to a rest at South. At this time the subject begins to awake, violently lashing out and screaming. Agent [EXPUNGED] was injured in the attack, but has now recovered. Subject was euthanized.

Experiment 724-b:

Subject is female, sixty-eight (68) years old, African, 120lbs, 5"5'. Subject has worked and lived in a monastery in northern Uganda for approximately forty (40) years. Subject has preached Christianity to many Ugandans over a period of long years.

SCP-724 placed in front of subject. Needle rotated for several seconds, and then stopped, pointing north. Needle pointed southwards for a few seconds when subject overheard Agent [EXPUNGED] swear, but promptly returned to North after a few seconds.

Experiment 724-c:

Subject is female, twenty (20) years old, Asian, 155lbs, 5"6'. Subject suffers extreme schizophrenia, paranoia, and bipolar disorder.

SCP-724 is placed near subject. Subject's eyes widen and rapidly look around. Subject mutters a stream of incomprehensible dialect. SCP-724 is observed to wildly swing around, never stopping at a fixed point. SCP-724 was timed swinging for five hours, fifty-four minutes and three seconds before experiment was deemed infeasible to continue.

Addendum 724-1:

Request for use of SCP-724 to screen recruits and staff members monthly.

Request partially granted, excluding staff due to vehement outrage.

Addendum 724-2:

Request for use of SCP-724 to screen O5 command.

Request denied.

Addendum 724-3:

SCP-724 is not a lie detector. It is an emotional indicator, and should be treated as such. It is not to be used in the same manner as a "mood ring" to have fun times with.

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