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Item #: SCP-729

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: This object is not dangerous and is kept in a locked cupboard in Break Room ███ when it is not in use. Due to its properties, it must be cleaned by Compound █████ after use.

Description: SCP-729 appears to be an ordinary white coffee mug with no text upon it. However, any liquid that is put into it will pass through it as if it were perfectly porous. This happens no matter the composition of the fluid or the angle that the cup is held. Liquid poured upon the bottom or upon the handle will also pass through it. Solids react and are retained with it normally; for example, it has been filled with inert sand in a test. A mixture of liquids and solids poured into it will leave the solids but pass the liquids through; if it is left long enough, the solids will be completely dried. A chip has been removed from it and analyzed; however, it shows no unique properties and appears in all ways to be ordinary ceramic. Tests with radiolabeled fluids show that it does not retain any of the fluid used within it. If the properties of this cup can be duplicated, it could be used as an effective filter.

Addendum: This item is contained within a locked cabinet due to various pranks that staffers have performed on new hires. The instigating staffers have been disciplined.

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