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Item #: SCP-730

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-730 is to be kept in a standard containment cell, and draped with a cloth, covering the whole of the reflective side. No one is to examine the reflective side of SCP-730, unless it is being researched.

Description: SCP-730 is a body length mirror, set in a wooden stand. SCP-730 is 2 meters tall, and 1 meter wide. While under incandescent, halogen, or florescent light bulbs, SCP-730 reflects back 100% of light. When a small Propane heater was introduced, SCP-730 did not increase in temperature, and also reflected 100% of the heat back. When a small ingot of Radioactive metal was introduced, SCP-730 reflected back 100% of the radiation.

When placed in sunlight, SCP-730 reflects back the entire visible spectrum of light. These colors are very vibrant, and seem to have more stability than light shown through a prism. It should also be noted that, for reasons unknown, the reflected light from the sun had a 50% increase in UVA, UVB, and UVC, as well as trace amounts of a yet unknown radiation. This radiation seems to have no deteriorating effects on living subjects, and has been classified “Zeta Radiation.”

When viewed by a living subject, the mirror will reflect a different 'version' of the subject. The reflected image is viewable only to the subject. All third parties will see a normal reflection of the subject. However, their own reflection will be different. Some of the reported reflections include subjects seeing themselves as very rich, very poor, and, in some cases, dead. In all cases, however, the reflections have serious detrimental effects on mental health.


Test subjects were told to immediately describe the image they saw. The use of a polygraph was implemented to verify their statements.

Testing subject – Initial Reflection – Subsequent Response

D-573 – Wearing a fine suit, seemingly wealthy – D-673 considered the reflection, before breaking down into tears. Claims that he was crying “Because [he] will never be that good”

D-689 – Unknown – Self-terminated through blunt cranial trauma.

D-478 – Well-learned - D-478 became quickly enraged, attempting to destroy SCP-730. Claims that he was being mocked by his reflection.

D-876 – Rotted corpse – D-876 fell into a comatose state, began speaking after a short period of time. Later died of a stroke.

D-385 – Exaggeratedly homosexual – D-385 began to emulate his reflection. Later killed by another Class-D personnel after D-385 “Came onto him”

D-356 – Wearing outlandish clothing – D-356 laughed manically, before passing out.

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