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During transport of SCP-733 to its current containment the reflection displayed was not the area in which it was stored. This anomaly has not repeated itself.

Item #: SCP-733

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: This object is to be kept in a 3mX3mX3m (10ft x 10ft x 10ft ) room made of concrete. The object must remain in the middle of the room held upright by means of a simple but sturdy stand of any construction. Video feeds are to monitor SCP-733 using standard recording, infrared, and ultraviolet recording filters. Only those planning to perform research upon the object, or those who are part of the research on the project are allowed within the room.

Staff members involved in interactions with SCP-733 are to be subject to physical searches and individual questioning using pre-selected questions created at random before each test so as to confirm each individual who interacts with SCP-733 is the same individual who returns from testing.

Description: Object is a large 0.9mx2.44m (3ftx8ft) mirror with an aluminum frame airbrushed to resemble brass. The reflection of an object in mirror lags for milliseconds behind said object's movements. It has also been determined that the mirror acts as both a reflective surface and as a passageway. It is impossible to make physical contact with the ‘mirror’ portion of SCP-733 and any attempts to do so will pass through it. Moving SCP-733 will cause it to reflect whatever area it is placed in and that reflected area may be entered by passing into SCP-733.

When a human steps into mirror the reflected image appears to dissipate and vanish completely when the subject fully enters SCP-733. Trace amounts of radiation have been detected surrounding SCP-733’s frame that linger until the subject returns in addition to a haze visible on an infrared spectrum that covers SCP-733’s frame as well. Subjects progressing beyond the reflective surface of SCP-733 who have returned detail a subtle change in surroundings that becomes increasingly inhabitable and hostile. There also appears to be a shift from inorganic to organic composition of the environment deeper within SCP-733.

When subjects return from SCP-733 the radiation and infrared visible haze dissipate from the frame however traces of a currently unknown semi-liquid organic substance have been tracked back from the shoes of exploring subjects. These traces are visibly only in the ultraviolet spectrum however in large enough quantities can cause injury due to loss of footing if stepped on. The material is quite slippery and appropriate warning signage should be displayed around SCP-733 to prevent physical injury. During more than one test this organic material has emerged from SCP-733 on its own as if sprayed or dropped from something within the nearest edges of the SCP-733 reflection. The material may be cleaned away using standard soap and water and sufficient samples have been collected that any further such material should be cleaned and then disposed of in high concentration bleach solution.

Addendum 733-1 : First Test

Testing with SCP-733 begins with a single individual entering the mirror and describing the observed environment. Description of the area entered is a perfect mirrored representation of the testing area however there is a complete lack of any coloration on any object. Subject pushes over a research table in the mirrored space before returning to our space and once again entering SCP-733. Upon re-entry the table has returned to an upright mirrored position.

Subject opens a door leaving the testing area and places a clipboard on the hallway floor in an area not visible in the reflection. Upon leaving and then re-entering SCP-733 and opening the door the clipboard is in the precise place where left. When recovering the clipboard it is noticed there is a faintly slippery substance coating the clipboard of unknown origin. This clipboard is placed into a sample package to be returned for testing. The resetting feature of the mirrored space seems to extend only to those objects and areas that are immediately reflected and there is evidence that a space exists beyond these borders where any interaction that occurs does not reset itself and is thus considered permanent.

While the subject is within the mirrored space a researcher knocks over several chairs within the SCP-733 room. This action does not occur within the mirrored space. Upon leaving the mirrored space and re-entering however the chairs change to reflect the knocked over positions. The subject is requested to open the doorway in the back of the mirrored space once more. The light provided by the mirrored space fails to penetrate the area beyond this doorway and only a partial hallway is observed which from what is visible is identical to the hallway existing within our space. Subject has no authorized exploration gear so is requested to close this door and return.

During all of these tests no other living staff were present in the testing chamber leading to speculation as to if persons are reflected within SCP-733 as well. Secondary tests scheduled that will include the presence of live researchers during entering SCP-733's space.

Addendum 733-2 : Multiple Subjects

New testing with SCP-733 began with one subject designated to enter the mirrored space while two additional subjects remained in the room reflected by SCP-733 but motionless.

An aspect that was present in both tests but just noticed by a researcher in this test is that the mirrored space reflected by SCP-733 does not include just the expected reflection based on the immediate surface but the entire enclosed area in which SCP-733 resides. The current belief is that because SCP-733 could be moved to view all of this available space it is properly reflected in the mirrored space, however anything beyond that space is not mirrored such as the area beyond the doorway in the first experiment.

After passing through the mirrored space the subject observed two perfect replicas of the living persons remaining in the room. The mirrored replicas displayed no movement and at first glance resembled high quality mannequins however upon physical examination the replicas were found to have pulses and be breathing. Even after this discovery the replicas displayed absolutely no motion or movement. Further examination revealed that even though the replicas were in perfect standing positions matching the staff in our space they were not bound to the floor in any way that would allow them to maintain that posture without wavering.

The subject was directed to recover a piece of sample material from the replica researchers. Using a small scalpel an incision was made into the nearest replica which resulted in an immediate meltdown of the replica. Within the span of three minutes the replica underwent a rapid liquification and the resulting fluidic mass appeared to be absorbed back into the environment. After this process was complete there was no evidence the replica ever existed within the room to begin with.

Following the sample collection failure the subject was asked to open the door exiting the mirrored space and proceed through it for five minutes then return to the mirrored room. Shortly after subject passed through the door it closed on its own and communications with the subject was cut. The subject was never recovered.

When preparing the next round of testing several staff members slipped on an invisible material coating the entirety of the floor within the mirror’s room. This material was collected in some samples for testing and the rest cleaned as per the instructions listed at the start of this report. Connections existing between disappearance of staff within the mirrored space and this invisible material are currently unknown.

Addendum 733-3 : ROMEO and Lab Results
Addendum 733-4 : Cautious Incursion
Addendum 733-5 : Suburbia
Addendum 733-6 : Breach

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