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Addendum 733-3 : ROMEO

For the third wave of testing a remote controlled rover was selected with video capabilities to explore the doorway beyond the mirrored space and potentially locate the vanished subject from our second test. No staff members were allowed into the test chamber during deployment of the rover. All monitoring equipment was deployed within an adjacent room.

The remote drone, dubbed ROMEO, was deployed into the SCP-733 mirrored space without incident. Within the mirrored space the room appeared to have failed to completely reset itself as two vaguely humanoid structures were visible in the positions from the previous test that had mirrored the research staff within the room. These structures were now in a state of rapid decay best described as the effect witnessed from dissolving hard candy over a period of time. The outer layers of the replicas had decayed away to reveal a pink and purple network resembling a circulatory system and some muscle structures as well. The dissolving replicas were observed for approximately 45 seconds during which time they lost an estimated 10% more of their mass and appearance. Speculation is now that SCP-733 does not just mirror the reflected space but actually constructs then breaks down the reflected objects or persons but has difficulty with organic replicas requiring a longer breakdown period. A further test is now considered to have subjects mirrored, then after a day lapse, have the subjects mirrored in new positions and allow the drone to observe.

Using an extendable arm ROMEO opened the door to the mirrored hallway and proceeded into the area. Shortly after entering the hallway space the door to the area closed on its own once more and momentary static was displayed over the video feed lasting for approximate 30 seconds. After this time video returned and was pitch black until ROMEO's floodlights were activated. The darkened corridor perfectly resembled the corridor outside SCP-733's containment in a mirrored state despite not being visible by SCP-733 itself. Of particular interest is that the overhead lights appeared to be on and active as in the real hallway however they emitted no light visible through our instruments.

Proceeding down through the hallway continued the mirroring behavior of our space absent any visible light sources. During periods of the hallway that would have been considered brighter in our space there was a noticed dimming of ROMEO's floodlights as if competing with another source of, for lack of better explanation, darkness. Following one observing staff member's suggestion the lights in our hallway were toggled resulting in no change in ROMEO's environment. Further progression through the mirrored space encountered an abrupt change to the area.

The SCP-733 mirror space is either unable to or 'unwilling' to mirror our space beyond a particular point. The ROMEO drone encountered resistance in movement when the floor changed from standard smoothed concrete to an organic substance resembling the internal systems of a larger organism. This has given rise to concern as to precisely what SCP-733 connects our space to. The organic system was believed to be a digestive tract until features still mirroring our own space were found, specifically a working water fountain comprised of the organic structures. The ROMEO drone was directed to collect a sample of the fluid emitted from this fountain to be stored for later analysis.

ROMEO was extracted from the tunnel after recovering this fluid sample and a small incised sample of the organic material comprising the water fountain. During extraction it was impossible for ROMEO to open the door leaving the mirrored hallway however a researcher was able to enter the mirrored space and open the door to allow ROMEO passage. During this interval it was found that the remains of the two replicated researchers were now completely gone from the room and there was no evidence they were ever there.

Addendum 733-3a : Lab Results

Sample analysis of the water recovered by ROMEO revealed no abnormal traits or additives. The most peculiar aspect of this is that the water contained absolutely no additives whatsoever. The sample is the purest form of water possible. Due to the purity of the water it has been sequestered for emergency usage.

Sample analysis of the organic material recovered by ROMEO failed due to the rapid decomposition of the material once removed from the SCP-733 storage area. What material left that could be researched was found to have high concentrations of oxygen and germanium.

Sample analysis of the material found after the loss of the researcher during 733-2 is the most concerning because the sample is largely comprised of water containing trace carbon elements and at least two unknown elements as well as DNA samples which match the lost researcher's genetic samples. The DNA structure appears to have been mutated or corrupted by unknown means and there is speculation that the material actually is [DATA EXPUNGED]. No further staff are allowed to explore SCP-733 without wearing protective environmental gear.

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