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Addendum 733-4

For the latest exploration into SCP-733 a team of four staff was assembled consisting of two researchers and two armed escorts equipped with standard issue automatic firearms and two (2) fragmentation grenades per escort. All staff were assigned Class-A Environmental Protection gear due to the uncertain fate of the researcher lost during 733-2. A single researcher and guard pair were assigned to monitor the doorway within the mirrored space due to concerns of it being unopenable from the opposite side.

The first member to enter SCP-733 triggered what is now considered SCP-733's ability to snapshot the environment it reflects and presented a room containing perfect, motionless replicas of all staff members within the room at the time. The movement of a reflected staff member into SCP-733 triggered a rapid decomposition of the replica within the mirrored space that was observed to take approximately 3 minutes for each, significantly faster than the replicas encountered during 733-2. It is unknown the exact variables behind the decomposition rates but it seems clear that persons replicated within SCP-733 will destroy their duplicate if they themselves enter the mirrored space. Samples of the decomposing replicas were gathered and presented to the research staff outside the SCP-733 mirror space but within the containment room.

The equipment replicated by the SCP-733 space was perfect in every detail but completely non functional. This is assumed to be due to the complex nature of the equipment as opposed to the rather simple design of the working water fountain found during 733-3.

The research team progressed past the mirrored hallway door and verified video connections before proceeding to the first landmark, the water fountain. A side goal of this exploration team was to collect as much of the water dispensed by the organic water fountain as possible before proceeding. To accomplish this task the team was provided with a series of 12 empty 1-gallon jugs in a small crate. While pausing at the water fountain to fill these jugs a short investigation was done of the immediate area.

Within our space the area around the water fountain is host to a cork board where staff members may post notices for buying, selling, or conversation. Within the mirrored space a simliar board comprised entirely of a heavily red hued organic matter was found. This board had visible vein structures running throughout the frame however the center piece where notices would be posted appeared to be comprised of a muscular structure that reacts to puncture or prods by contracting around the area of contact resulting in a firm 'grip' allowing memos or notes to be posted. The armed escort for the research team was twice scolded for leaving lewd memos attached to the muscle structures while waiting for all water jugs to be filled and transported back to the central research station outside the SCP-733 space.

Following the successful fill and transport of the purified water back through the SCP-733 mirror the research team was instructed to proceed further down the hallway past the point where the ROMEO drone left off. During the traverse it was again reported that the portable light sources carried seemed to be competing against a source of darkness that seemed to be generated from the ceiling fixtures. These fixtures vaguely resemble standard fluorescent lighting units found in most public buildings however they carry the same organic structure as the rest of the surrounding area. Instead of glass tubings within these fixtures there appears to be hollow bone structures that radiate a faint purple outline but themselves remain black in coloration.

Approximately .5km down the hallway all mirroring aspects of the corridor had ceased and the pathway now resembled something more like the digestive tract of a living organism. .2km into the tunnel concern was voiced that the team should head back before they traverse into a hazard such as a digestive pit. .1km further of travel found the passage ending abruptly against a solid organic wall with a single standard door set in the middle of it. This door was made of standard wood of unknown origin and resembled the door found in any home set with a basic brass handle.

Research team was advised to proceed through the door using utmost caution. Once the door was opened video feed was lost for 5 seconds then re-established. Communications to the research team was severed but audio and video feeds remained active. Camera pan over the area began facing the wooden door in a closed state with a team member attempting to open it with no success. There is a slight jitter in the camera as if shaken before it turns slowly over the area. Following a small lens flare the camera displays what appears to be a 1950s suburban setting with approximately six houses of highly similar design of different paint jobs. An upward pan of the camera displayed no discernable sky but rather a single large light source lingering over and encompassing the entire area.

The team proceeded further into the setting despite attempts to protest this from the central monitoring station. Communications to the team remained severed.

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