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Addendum 733-5

Due to the disconnection of communications to the research team the following logs are recorded from the audio/video feeds that remained active during exploration of the suburban setting found behind the closed door within SCP-733's mirrored space.

Parker was designated the Team Leader and one of the two armed escorts.

Parker: Come in HQ… Come in HQ…

Bolton was the primary researcher attached to the team.

Bolton: The door won't open. Knob won't even turn. We could try one of those grenades however… right now we seem to be the only ones here, if the grenade fails we could find ourselves not alone due to the noise generated.

Edison was the secondary researcher attached to the team.

Edison: I suggest we try and scout the first house to our right, it's close to the door, we can make this a fallback point.

Levins was the second armed escort assigned to the team. During most of the recorded events within the suburban setting Levins remained quiet and spoke only to acknowledge his presence or respond to an order issued by Parker.

Parker: Agreed. Everyone stay on your guard as well. I thought this was some kind of trap until I noticed that..

Camera pans to the second house in line, following Parker's direction. Following the suburban setting motif each house has an immaculate lawn in front of it, however the lawn of the second house has a working sprinkler rotating back and forth spraying large arcs of water.

Bolton: Fascinating. Working water fountain… working sprinkler… look, that house even has a car. And are those apple trees? I suppose in a worst case scenario gentlemen we could actually live here.

Parker: But where is here? We were just in something's throat and now we're in the set for Back to the Future. But there's no people. Signs of people but no people.

Camera pans slowly over the area, taking in each house that is visible for just a moment. The car mentioned is an unknown make or model but the design of it does pass as one that could be expected within the era of the setting. As the camera pans back it catches Edison moving in a crouched position toward the first house and stopping under a window.

Parker: God damnit couldn't he have waited.

There is an off camera click of a weapon being readied followed by a second click off to the side assumed to be Levins' weapon. The camera remains focused on Edison who is slowly rising to examine the interior of the home. While looking through the window Edison makes hand motions for the others to come over. The camera bobs as the team rejoins Edison.

Edison: Look in here.

The camera moves focus to the interior of the house through the window. After the camera focus auto adjusts what is displayed is a long dinner table set for six seats. What resembles a Thanksgiving dinner is laid out on the table complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce from the can, and a variety of other dishes that camera focus prevents identifying. Visible from the turkey is a distinct steam as it vents heat as if very recently prepared.

Parker: There's a trap if I ever saw one. Looks good though. The real question is who made it.

Edison: I suggest we check the back. There is no one in the front areas, so if this is a meal in progress and is by any means normal, someone should be in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up. Perhaps grilling in the backyard? If nothing else we may find a way inside.

Bolton: You want the turkey.

Edison: I want the turkey.

Parker: Well let's see what we find around back before we start preparing plates. For all we know they're seasoned with rat poison.

Camera pans around as the group moves from the side of the house to the rear. In the backyard of the home are two human figures who appear to be grilling out. The team is noticed by the figures immediately when the corner is rounded. The first of the figures appears to be wearing an apron and raises a hand in greeting, speaking to the team in English.

Unknown Male: Why hello boys! Come on over, I just put on some steaks!

Parker: That's awfully kind sir but can we please get your name first?

Mister: I'm the Mister of the house! The Missus is inside.

Parker: But your name sir?

Mister: Just call me Mister! And the miss, Missus!

Parker seems distressed by the insistence of using titles rather than names but camera feed approaches the grilling man slowly. The unknown man focuses intently on his grill then looks up from the meat grilling there and looks directly at Parker. The camera focus adjusts and then gives a very clear view of his face. The face is human in every respect except the eyes which appear to be hollow and filled with globes of what appears to be water. These globes ripple as if touched by slight breezes from time to time and within each globe floats a small piece of an unknown black material. The material seems to be some kind of crystal. Control recognizes the face of the man as the researcher who went missing during 733-2 but is unable to communicate this information to the team.

Parts of the tape here have been trimmed out to remove unimportant material. When the tape resumes the team has been convinced to come eat with them. The dinner is uneventful but the camera frequently pans and focuses on the faces of the man and woman who both share the same peculiar eye nature of a clear liquid globe with a small piece of black material residing within each. When the attention of the man or woman changes the black materials within the eyes pivot to change focus as well.
During the course of the dinner Bolton asks to be excused to the bathroom which causes confusion between the man and woman entities. Several attempts are made to explain what he needs to do until the description of 'Removing waste from the body' seems to strike a chord with them.

Missus: Why didn't you say so? We'd LOVE to help you get rid of that nasty waste.

Mister: Quite so. Why we were just commenting before you arrived on how nice it would be. Honey why don't you take him upstairs and help him out?

The camera watches Bolton go upstairs and when he disappears it focuses back on the man who a genuine and solid smile. Casual conversation barely begins before a scream is heard from the upper floors and both Parker and Levins jump from their seats and charge upstairs. Edison is left stammering as he tries to rise and is left behind.

At the top of the stairs and in an attached room the Missus has Bolton's head gripped firmly in her hands. From her torso have emerged two long appendages with scythe-like ends that are stabbing into his chest in rapid succession, acting as scoops to pull his organs out and allowing them to fall to the floor. From the Missus' mouth a tube of clear liquid has emerged and forced its way into Bolton's mouth. The blood emerging from the wounds caused by the scythe appendages quickly ceases and is replaced by this clear liquid pouring to the floor.

As Parker and Levins yell at the Missus to drop Bolton her eyes extend out quickly and force themselves against Bolton's eyes. The clear liquid swirls red with his blood as they draw back and the empty sockets begin to fill the the same clear liquid. Within seconds two black nodules push out from behind Bolton's eyes and begin to float randomly within the pools. The camera stays focused as Bolton's wounds start to close up where the clear liquid flows over them. A voice causes the camera to spin around and confront the Mister.

Mister: The Missus always said she wanted a daughter, but I guess a son will have to do.

As the Mister speaks the camera pans down the stairs behind him and focuses briefly on the body of Edison laid sprawled out across the floor. It then pans back up to the Mister.

Mister: We really could use a couple of neighbors too. Don't worry, don't look like that, you'll love it!

Gunfire is opened freely on both the Mister and Missus however each bullet that impacts causes a wound that expels the clear liquid before closing. Levins is grabbed from behind by what used to be Bolton, the black nodules within his eyes have now settled and are acting as the nodules within the eyes of the other two beings. Scythe appendages erupt from his torso and begin scraping out his insides to the floor.

Mister: Oh, I guess our son prefers boys to girls. Well to each his own. Don't you worry, we'll find you a strapping young wife!

Retreat in any direction is blocked for Parker as the camera pans around wildly and captures only the smiling face of Bolton, The Mister, and the Missus. The camera wobbles slightly and then there is a loud explosion before the video feed slumps to the ground and captures only the knees of The Mister.

Mister: No good, why would you want to do that now? Well, I guess no new neighbor for us.

Missus: How sad…

Mister: But we will be getting … a new puppy!

The camera feed ends shortly after Parker's body is lifted into the air and then a hand is seen closing around the camera lens, cutting to static.

Final Report: Classified Data regarding breach in SCP-733 containment protocol.
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