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Addendum 733-6

After SCP-733-5 all access to the containment room of SCP-733 was forbidden. The water recovered during the tests of SCP-733 was sequestered to a secure containment area and marked as unusable but also undisposable.

Approximately one month after all testing of SCP-733 ceased and containment procedures had been put in place the storage containing the SCP-733 water samples was accessed by one Dr. ██████ who was later confirmed to have been part of the sample testing of the water recovered by ROMEO. One one (1) gallon jug of the SCP-733 water was removed and according to witnesses it was used as the base for a pot of coffee. Three researchers and Dr. ██████ partook of this coffee.

Within one hour of imbuing the coffee brewed from SCP-733 the researchers were observed by others in the lounge area as displaying signs of intense stomach pain followed by seizures. While emergency medical staff were being dispatched to the lounge all those who had partaken of the coffee regained mobility and were described as having eyes ranging from 'Pitch black liquid' to 'soft chocolate tan' color. Those with the lighter colored eyes were also observed as having similar black nodules within their eyes as observed on the SCP-733-5 log tapes.

Containment teams were rapidly dispatched to the lounge and surrounding areas as the four contaminated researchers began to assault and attempt to infect nearby personnel via the same methods that led to the loss of the 733-5 team. The teams successfully contained two of the four within the lounge area who were observed as having pitch black eyes. When terminated the eyes of the individuals liquified and the entire body drained of fluids. One individual was captured while attempting to break into the women's restroom while chasing a researcher and he has been contained for further testing.

The final of the four, Dr. ██████ himself, was considered missing for three days before being found by service personnel addressing an air conditioning problem in the C wing. Upon inspection of the vents Dr. ██████ had been found in a mutated state where he had merged with the ventilation system and was spreading an organic matter slowly through the system similar to that observed during all SCP-733 research logs. The portions of ventilation containing Dr. ██████ were successfully removed without confrontation and burned.

All samples of SCP-733 water have been moved to an undisclosed storage location and placed under dual security.

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