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Item #: SCP-733

Object Class: Euclid (Pending reassignment to Keter Class)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-733 itself it to be contained on a covered petri dish. This petri dish is to be kept in a vaulted, high security cell. Guards are to terminate any person(s) wishing to gain access without proper authorization.

Description: SCP-733 is a microscopic parasite, 3 microns in length. Outward appearance is that of a Paramecium, with flagella. These flagella are used for movement, and attacking. When SCP-733 finds a suitable meal, the flagella extend and spear bacterium, them move them into a mouth like protrusion. Upon close inspection, SCP-733 has a fully functioning one-way digestive tract, double chamber heart, and gills.

When a living subject is infected with SCP-733, their outward appearance is not affected. However, the internal structure of said subject is changed drastically. See Addendum for a list of changes, of stages and effects.


Changes to the Internal Structure of a Living Subject infected with SCP-733:

The small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, and liver are no longer present. The stomach connects directly to the colon.

The stomach has expanded to fill the abdominal cavity.

The heart has been reconstructed entirely, consisting of two chambers. It also beats at 5 times faster then standard resting heart rate.

Capillaries, veins, and arteries have expanded.

Lungs have partially reverted into gills. It is unknown as to why, seeing as they remain internal. The lining of the lungs is coated with a thick mucus, containing SCP-733 in it's larval stage.

The right and left hemispheres of the brain have dissolved. In their place is a large membrane, filled with several gases. The Medulla, brain stem, and spinal chord have been left unchanged.

The skeletal structure and muscle structure have also been left unchanged.

Stages of Infection and Effects on Human Hosts:

Stage 1, initial Infection.

For the first 24 hours, human subjects show no symptoms of infection.

After 24 hours, subjects complain of a nauseous headache, which persists after medication.

Within 48 hours, subjects show signs of a standard flu. Fever, swollen lymph nodes, cold sweats, and pain in the joints.

After 48 hours, symptoms have escalated into the severe: Fever of 105+ Fahrenheit, hysteria, deliriousness, and a hacking cough with bloody phlegm.

Stage 2, Transformation.

Stage 2 is reached within a week of infection. At this point, the fever has broken, but the other symptoms persist.

Subjects black out from high pain levels. When awake, they babble nonsensically. This stage will persist for another week.

After a week, subjects slip into a coma, and the brain ceases function. Other bodily functions continue, such as respiration.

Stage 3, Completed Infection

After an average of three hours, subjects awaken. They show an increase in awareness, and heightened reflexes. They refuse to eat solid food, and stick to drinking protein rich fluids. Though the subjects themselves are harmless, they continue to cough, releasing the Larval SCP-733 into the air.

The average life-span of a fully infected male is one full week.

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