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What SCP-736 looks like, when not being worn

Item #: SCP-736

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-736 is to be kept in a secure storage locker at Site 18, accessible only by personnel with Level 1 Clearance or higher, with a written experiment proposal on log. Researchers are advised not to use SCP-736 upon themselves.

Description: Appearing to be a pair of welding goggles of an unknown make or brand. SCP-736 has the abilities to sharpen a person's vision to levels unattainable through biological means, granting telescopic and magnified vision. Prolonged use of SCP-736 will result in the weakening of the wearer's optic nerves. Higher exertion of the goggles abilities, such as higher levels of the telescopic sight function, causes the eyes to atrophy faster, leading to eventual blindness.

Retrieved from the apartment of one ███████ █████████, on ██-██-████, it was found that he and several other people were suffering severe eye degeneration after wearing SCP-736. An agent, undercover as an interested buyer, obtained the item with relative ease, as ███████ was claiming to want to be rid of them as soon as possible. Since that time SCP-736 has remained at Site 18.

To date, all tests conducted have found nothing to indicate SCP-736 is anything other than a standard pair of welding goggles, in both lens material, or otherwise. It is still unknown how subjects wearing SCP-736 are able to control its function, both for telescopic and magnified vision. It is suspected that the process is telepathic, implanting instinctual control, though this cannot be proved at this time.

The average length of time before a wearer's complete blindness appears to be varied between four (4) and seven (7) hours, depending on current ocular health and medical conditions. With tests concluding at the blinding of a subject, at the highest known magnification level (███ times normal) was 2 minutes, with [DATA EXPUNGED] of the eye. To this point, all damage done by SCP-736 is irreversible by standard means, and accumulates with usage.

Experiment 736-██: Subject 736-██ was instructed to go beyond ███ x Magnification. Upon doing so, subject began screaming, attempting to forcibly remove SCP-736. Upon conclusion of Experiment ██, it was noted that subject's eyes had [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject 736-██ could not describe what happened, and was terminated. Approval pending on the testing of magnification beyond ███ x the standard close range Magnification or Telescopic abilities.

Addendum 736-1: Anyone found guilty of telling the new recruits "The goggles do nothing," and then daring them to put it on will be assigned to Keter duty. - Dr. ██████

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