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Item #: SCP-736

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-736 is to be contained in a room, 25 meters in all directions from the center. ‘Failed’ experiments can be used as nutrition. The subject is to only be handled by Class D personnel in full hazmat garb. It is allowed to maneuver throughout 3 quarters of the 25 meters it is allotted. If subject moves beyond 4 quarters, Class D personnel in full hazmat garb are to retrieve the ██████ and are instructed to use the stun setting on SCP-736, though this does no damage, it deters it from continuing on in said direction. The subject is to be continuously fed, less the attending personnel will be in danger. Flagella are to be kept less than 610 millimeters.

Description: The creature appears to be a large, floating █████, made of repurposed ████ and ████, covered in flagella; it has a slightly yellow hue. The outer shell of the creature is covered in ██████ eyes and smaller mouths, though no teeth appear to be present. DNA testing has shown traces of ancestry to ███ ██ ███ and █████ ████, though fluids inside "veins" appear to be ████ excrement mixed with █████, [REDACTED]. SCP-736 devours most objects whole. The creature normally will eat organic materials, consisting of pulp like material such as woods or plants, to fleshy material. The subject does not choose one over the other.

The creature is approximately [REDACTED] meters in length, though depending on how well fed it is, its length varies. It is known to reproduce, given the correct environments. The requirements to reproduce are for a dark and moist area. The means of reproduction are as follows:

  1. Flagella grow spore pods on the skin
  2. Spores detach after a growth period of approx. two days.
  3. Spores will seek out living flesh and embed themselves into the recipient.
  4. Spores will begin to grow into ████ filled warts, which continue to grow until ██% of the body is consumed.
  5. After an incubation period inside the subject of █ days, all growths harden. Organ failure soon follows.
  6. When the subject has become jaundiced, the skin begins to ███ and become plate-like.
  7. The subject is declared deceased.
  8. The body becomes malformed, stretched and hollowed out.
  9. The original skin becomes like a shell, the organs being digested and the calcium from the body to create the dense parts of the skin which serves as armor.

The areas that the subject can live in are varied, from deep sea to land. The areas that it lives in become coated in a yellow silky material found to be composed mostly of ████ ███. The spores serve more than reproduction; they serve to ████ victims rather than ████ them. The ███ then reintegrate into normal society to ███ and ████ people of undeveloped brain power (most commonly children and sentient beings such as █████) to create large areas of [REDACTED].

The subject responds only to electrical stimulation, though studies have shown that it is believed that it does not cause the creature pain. Fire, kinetic energy, and chemicals show no damage. The only chemical components that deter the creature are fluids with ███████, but it doesn’t have as strong an effect as pure energy.

Discovery: SCP-736 was found by a team of specially trained ███ contracted by the Nazi regime to find and recover a missing ██████. Upon discovery, the ███ was found devoid of all life and organic materials, except of SCP-736 which was found in the [DATA EXPUNGED] One of the ███ reportedly was devoured by the subject, upon this action, the other ███ radioed in their position; it took several days for the German recon team to arrive, when they did, the ███ were nowhere to be seen, [DATA EXPUNGED]. There were [DATA EXPUNGED] █████.

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