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Item#: SCP-741

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure:
Due to object's location on the seafloor of the ██████ sea (exact coordinates are [DATA EXPUNGED]) regular maintenance should be done with a remotely-operated submersible. The submersible is to repair any cracks found in the structure surrounding the nuclear reactor of SCP-741. Sea traffic is to be permitted on the waters directly above SCP-741 but if any non-SCP vessel stops near SCP-741 a disguised SCP combat ship is to escort the intruder away from the location. If warnings are not heeded the intruder may be destroyed. Keep in mind that the destruction of the intruding vessel must not be done directly above SCP-741. Underwater cameras and sensors are to be installed around SCP-741 but absolutely no kind of lighting device must be present to avoid detection by other parties.

SCP-741 is a Russian submarine of ███████████ manufacture. SCP-741's hull is emblazoned with the name "███████████", which means [DATA EXPUNGED]. It was assumed that this is a failed prototype and intelligence reports show that the Russian government had erased their own collective minds concerning the object. The object lies broken on the ocean floor and the constant maintenance is for the nuclear reactor inside. Although dormant it may leak out radiation if left unrepaired.

SCP-741 was apparently destroyed in a swift incident but no remains of the crew members are found. Divers who were sent to investigate reported 'disturbance in the currents', some 'temporal distruptions', hearing moans and uinintelligible whispering, and the presence of blurry, faintly glowing figures. It was determined that SCP-741 was a failed copycat experiment of the Philadelphia Experiment (refer to article ██████/██ regarding this) by the Russians. This explains the subsequent cover-up and collective forgetfulness of the Russians.

It is to be noted that the Euclid-class label is not because of SCP-741's nuclear reactor itself but because of what the nuclear reactor contains. The reactor at first seems like a run-of-the-mill type-████ submarine reactor but after a thorough scan it is revealed that there is an artifact inside it that delivers a great deal of radioactive energy.

The artifact is an Indonesian Keris (Designated SCP-741-A), apparently sentient as it points in the direction of any organism outside its reactor chamber. It has seven curves and is composed of an amalgam of metals. According to our intelligence sources the Keris was obtained by a Russian spy during the September 30 incident (for details refer to document █████/██). Due to the hectic political situation of the time all records about the previous owners of the Keris are lost. It is theorized that the Keris was somehow the cause of the magnetic and temporal distruptions on the surrounding area, and perhaps some of the other anomalies too.

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