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Item #: SCP-747

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a sealed airtight aircraft hanger. The interior should have less then .5 ATM pressure at all times. Should pressure ever exceed .5 ATM all airlocks must be sealed until pressure can be dropped to .5 ATM. All air removed from containment should go through full sterilization. Only research personnel are to be allowed to enter or leave the hanger. All personnel entering and leaving the hanger must wear full Biological, Chemical and Nuclear hazard outfits with transparent faceplate. The air in the airlock door must be fully cycled, followed by a sterilization procedure every entrance or exit. Object is to be treated as a class 4 bio hazard. Exposure time to object is to be limited to one (1) fifteen minute period per day for five (5) consecutive days followed by, at minimum, a five day break or one (1) hour interval which precludes any further exposure for thirty days after.

Should device begin to move under it's own power the hanger is to be flooded with cryogenic fluids until cessation of movement followed by a directional EMP. At minimum one directional EMP is to be provided every 30 days without fail. Evacuation of personnel within the hanger may occur prior to flooding provided they leave hanger in less then 5 minutes.

In the situation that the EMP ever becomes ineffective a contained nuclear explosion is to be set off from the warheads contained within the hanger. Small scale tests with samples of the object suggest that this should erase contents of hanger and leave no threat behind. In the unlikely event that this should fail, backup plan Omega Bravo Charlie is to be implemented.

Robots used for exploration of the device are to be CBN threat hardened, and to be vaporized after use in the automated vaporization area found to the left of the airlock door. Personnel should avoid accidentally entering the automated vaporization area at risk of self ignition. The vaporization area is marked out by large red and yellow striped markings. Despite this there have been 5 reported cases of self atomization. Caution is recommended

All personnel leaving and entering the hanger are to be tested for abnormalities of behavior. Termination is to proceed immediately regardless of personnel rank should any abnormality be noticed. The body is to be incinerated on the spot by means of a contained explosion. Termination and body disposal may be condensed into one step in order to save time.

Description: Mechanism was found on ██/██/20██. Object was discovered when a plane entered ██████-█████ International Airport without proper clearance. The FBI was contacted. They discovered the unusual surveillance logs and contacted Dr. ██████. An incident was faked and the plane was removed. Digital cameras and recorders were removed and images were replaced with staged pictures then returned. The plane was captured by means of [DATA EXPUNGED] and transported to █████████. At present it remains in storage in room ███ of the ████████ facility.

Device appears, upon inspection with the naked eye, to be a perfectly normal Boeing 747. Closer observation with cameras and non-sentient recording devices shows object to be constructed out of what appears to be a giant ribcage with bone, sinew and muscle structures approximating the shape of an airplane. Visual Inspection of the inside has shown it to appear empty though normal. Inspection via camera shows many dead bodies in various states of decompose being integrated into the walls, chairs, and structure of the airplane. Testing of materials scraped from the surfaces has shown the plane to be invested with an incredibly virulent strand of e-coli which attacks human flesh as well as a mix of several other as yet unidentified pathogens.

Buckling one's self into a seat will trap one into the seat. Removing a buckle requires cutting power equivalent to 145 Newtons per square meter, a cutting torch with a temperature of 438 degrees Celsius minimum or a cryogenic cutter with a temperature of -98 degrees Celsius maximum

Instead of a pilot seat there is a large brain. The structure is closer related to an elephant's brain then to a human's. It has been found that electrical stimulation, and Electromagnetic pulses damage the brain. This damage slowly recovers. The subject has not shown increased resistance to the damage despite repeated applications of EMP. The brain produces an extremely high amount of Dopamine and Serotonin.

Rumors that this is the plane that smashed into one of the ████ █████ ███████ are confirmed false.


Research is being done into possible connections with SCP-787. Currently no connections have been found.

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