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Item #: SCP-750

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the fact that SCP-750 has so far displayed no attributes considered to pose a danger to personnel, it can easily be contained in any minimum security lockbox at Site ██. However, because of the possibility of the destruction of the SCP through its normal function, and the ease of its use, the following containment procedures should be observed: SCP-750 is to be held in any Euclid level standard containment room, guarded by at least two personnel of level 1 or higher.
Because any experimentation will cause further damage to the SCP, all requests of this nature must be approved by at least one Overseer-level personnel.

Addendum: Beta (03/23/████) – In the event of a Class ██ Containment Breach or higher, personnel Level 2 or higher are approved to utilize SCP-750 to effect structural repairs, if doing so will directly help to contain the breach. This is not a an excuse to speed up repair efforts after the fact, and definitely not to repair your broken television. (This means you Agent ███████.) Any personnel found to violate these requirements will be reprimanded. ~ Dr. █████

Addendum: Epsilon (06/02/████) – Due to the recent use of SCP-750 during the (██/██/████) Containment Breach, and the new properties thereafter discovered, the research team requests that any use of SCP-750 in compliance with Addendum Beta be documented as best as possible for later review. ~ Dr. █████

Description: SCP-750 is in all appearance a pair of fingerless biking gloves, produced under the “Bell” brand, though this is through inference from other gloves of the same make, as the original manufacturers markings are all but worn away at the time of this writing. The gloves are predominately black with gray palms, and a thin band of red around each wrist. The gloves are very worn, having holes in various places, popped seams, and stretched fabric. Outside of its function, SCP-750 appears to be unable to suffer further wear.

The properties of SCP-750 manifest when a user wearing them approaches a mechanical or electrical device that is in any state of disrepair, with intent or desire to repair the object in mind. Upon fulfillment of these conditions, the user will be compelled to move to the machine and will begin to repair it. This process is automatic, and requires no thought on the part of the user, who seem to be out of control of their body for the duration of fixing. The user gains no knowledge about the function or how to repair the device, but simply does so, acting as a conduit for SCP-750. Given enough time, the device will invariably be returned to full working order, and the user will be released. If the user is moved away during the period of repair, they will be released, and both the repairs and damage to SCP-750 will be retained.

As a direct result of its use, SCP-750 suffers degradation and wear proportional to the size, complexity, and technology level of the device repaired. In most cases, this appears as popped seams, or torn fabric. It is theorized that should SCP-750 continue to be used, it will eventually degrade itself to nothing.

Note: Due to spacing constraints, please see the log attached to the bottom of this file for more information on repaired devices and their associated wear.

Usage Log:

Resulting Change to SCP-750:

Item: One (1) Watch, Disassembled, all parts accounted for.
Effect: Watch reassembled in one (1) minute.
Resulting Change to SCP-750: A single popped stitch on the left glove.

Item: One (1) Automotive Engine, 1990's ████████ Sedan, Disassembled, all parts accounted for.
Effect: Engine reassembled in 45 minutes.
Resulting Change to SCP-750: A small rip in the right glove, half a centimeter long.

Item: One (1) Watch, Disassembled, 1 gear removed.
Effect: Watch reassembled in two (2) minutes. Watch functions, all parts accounted for.
Resulting Change to SCP-750: Three popped seams, two on right glove, one on left.

Addendum: Gamma (10/2/████) – It seems that any parts missing during the reassembly process will be reformed by the SCP as needed to complete the device. This does seem to cause further damage to the object however.

Item: Security System for Site ██, Widespread damage due to Containment Breach
Effect: Full repair of the system over the course of two (2) hours, despite continuing damage due to the Containment Breach.
Resulting Change to SCP-750: Side of thumb on each glove split open from the knuckle to palm.

Addendum: Delta (01/12/████) – From this incident we have learned that the SCP can both field continuous repairs even during active destruction, and is capable of effecting repairs on extensive systems from a single location. This development has lead to new procedure, listed under Addendum Epsilon.

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