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Item #: SCP-752

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is to be confined to a 45 m x 30 m room with all the standard containment requirements met. The room should also be furnished for ordinary living (bathtub, toilet, sink, in a subroom). Subject may be allowed to leave the confinement area only when accompanied with at least two guards. Subject, or any part of subject, is not allowed to leave the premises of Sector-8.

Description: SCP-752 is a Hispanic male, with black hair and green eyes. Subject's age is indeterminate, but believed to be about fifty. Was recovered from a train wreck in [DATA EXPUNGED] shortly after the disaster occurred. SCP-752's ability was immediately discovered while he was rescued. SCP-752 has the unique ability to survive dismemberment, and is even able to move the dismembered parts independently. Subject will not divulge his name, citing that 'it would be shameful to my family', and will respond to his SCP number.

SCP-752 reportedly still had his sensory connections when dismembered, and after some extensive research (using anaesthetics) it is determined that this was not a naturally occurring ability. There exists an extra-dimensional bond between the body parts, but neither us nor the subject knew about the source or origin of this ability.
SCP-752 is willingly participant in his own containment and experimentation. He states that this is for his own benefit. "I don't care what you do to me, as long as you guys figure out what's happening to me." It seems that subject is content with life in confinement, stating that 'I've been in and out of jails, this is certainly better than most'.
Research is still being conducted on the full effects of SCP-752's ability.

Addendum 752-A: Experiment Logs

Log 752-1: Dec █, ████
Subject was anaesthesized. Subject's right arm is then amputated using a circular saw. Subject twitched in reflex. After anaesthesia wears off, subject noted that there were no pain. Arm pricked with needle shortly afterwards, and subject felt the sensation. Arm crawled back by itself to subject after the test, and reattaches. No visible scars appear on the area where arm cut off.

Log 752-2: Apr ██, ████
Subject was not anaesthesized. Subject is restrained to his hospital bed while we cut off his left arm with a circular saw. Subject screamed in pain while the circular saw amputated his arm, and the research team had to put a towel in subject's mouth to prevent accidental tongue bite. After arm was severed, subject was weak. Subject breathes a few curses in Spanish, and requested that following tests be done with anaesthetics. Left arm still responsive to pinpricks, although in a highly agitated state. Left arm had to be put in place as subject stated that he is too tired. Left arm reattaches successfully.

Note: After this experiment, SCP-752's request for anaesthesia was approved by O5-█.

Log 752-3: Feb █, ████
Subject was anaesthesized. A 7-cm gash is made with a surgical knife on subject's right leg. Gash started reattaching even before subject became conscious.

Log 752-4: Oct ██, ████
Subject was anaesthesized. Subject's stomach is divided into three even segments laterally. After anaesthesia wore off, subject was instructed to drink a glass of water. Water seen passing through the three segments. Afterwards, the research team put segment two into a horizontal position. Subject was instructed to drink another glass of water. Water goes through segment one normally, but at segment two it came to rest on the horizontal duodenum. It appears that gravity is not altered to subject's body parts independently. Subject's three segments is then stacked not in their normal positions; the segments won't reattach. The segments were then put in their normal positions and reattaches successfully.

Log 752-5: Jun █, ████
Subject was anaesthesized. Subject's right hand is surgically amputated. After anaesthesia wore off, subject's hand was shot with a 9mm gun. Subject received the pain and started cursing in spanish. The wound did not heal immediately and had to be treated normally. Hand successfully reattaches to subject. Gunshot wound healed after three months.

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