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Item #: SCP-753

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The servers containing SCP-753 are placed in a protected room, accessible to exactly one (1) member of Site ██, to be known only as ███████. ███████ is to handle the entirety of maintenance and security, and must submit to a monthly psychological screening. Upon any sign of instability, ███████ must immediately be terminated and replaced.

Description: SCP-753 appears, at first, to be a search engine similar to Google or Yahoo. The URL is [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon entering a search query and clicking on [REDACTED], the user is presented with what looks like a normal page of search results, including an authentic-looking summary for each link. Clicking on any of the provided result links does not, however, lead to the purported website, but displays a single page, blank save one image. This image differs from user to user, but is invariably met with extreme terror, disgust, or hatred.

If a user can maintain absolute focus on this image for a minimum of seventy-five (75) seconds, the image will disappear, and the user will suffer no ill effects aside from a reluctance to speak of the experience. However, if focus is broken for any reason, the user will see that image overlaid on any still image, including but not limited to:

  • framed art
  • pictures in newspapers
  • drawings on any sort of paper
  • tattoos, if the skin on which it is displayed is not moving

Aftereffects of exposure to SCP-753 are unimpeded by the presence of SCP-148. Testing has revealed that blank paper will not trigger any such visions, nor will paper containing text but no images. Television is also immune to the effect, even if the screen is paused.

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