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Item #: SCP-755

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-755 must be locked in a room that has a radius of at least 30 meters from all sides to prevent its effect from affecting any personnel who are not conducting an experiment. The room is recommended to be lit at all times by at least twelve standard T8 Fluorescent bulbs to prevent burnt out bulbs plunging the room into darkness. In the event of a blackout, no personnel are permitted to enter the room until power is restored.

Description: SCP-755 was discovered by Dr. █████████ in ███████, Ukraine in 20██ after multiple reports of people being burned and paralyzed after contact with a small, black glossy cube. Dr. █████████, several E-Class personnel, and Agents █████████ and █████████ went to retrieve the cube and managed to take it to Site 19 for proper analysis. The cube's appearance is a simple gloss black from all sides, and measures 12.7cm in height, width, and length. In lighted rooms it simply sits there, and anyone who walks into a 10m radius seems to immediately attempt to get as far away from it as possible (See Log 755-1). However, when the cube is in a dark room with little to no light, it emits a soft blue glow that silhouettes it from any angle, anybody who walks within the 10m radius suddenly develops an attraction to the cube (See Log 755-2) that can only be stopped by neutralizing the person or shining the cube with light.

Addendum: Those with level 2 clearance are recommended to read Logs 755-1 and 755-2.

Addendum 2: Due to a test with SCP-978, SCP-755 is thought to have some sentience, and must be treated as such.

Log 755-1:

Dr. █████████: Subject has entered the room. He seems to be eyeing the SCP-755 with curiosity. Please move forward.
The subject moves forward, and stops.
Dr. █████████: The subject is now approximately 15m from the cube, there is no change in his behavior. Please step to the 10m line.
The subject moves forward, and stops again.
Dr. █████████: The subject is standing at the 10m line and looks somewhat concerned. Please step forward.
The subject takes a step forward, past the line, lets out a cry and jumps back, running to the door and banging on it.
D-1028854: LET ME OUT!
Dr. █████████: Please detail what just happened.
D-1028854: Please let me out! It's not right! It's not right at all! It shouldn't be doing that!
Dr. █████████: What is SCP-755 doing?
D-1028854: It's horrible! Please let me out, I'm sorry for whatever I've done just let me out.
Dr. █████████: Subject is experiencing fear, possible paranoia, and what appears to be regret. He is unwilling to explain what happened between himself and SCP-755. End log.

Log 755-2:

Dr. █████████: Alright then, we're ready to go. Please enter.
A D-Class personnel member enters the dark room.
D-2992556: Why's it so dark?
Dr. █████████: Please do not ask questions. Do you see SCP-755 in front of you?
D-2992556: The cube? Yeah, it's glowing blue.
Dr. █████████: Please approach SCP-755 slowly, pause after every two steps.
The subject slowly moves towards SCP-755. At the 10m line, he stops pausing at every two steps and walks right up to the cube.
Dr. █████████: D-2992556 might I remind you that you were to stop every two steps for analysis.
D-2992556: It burns… but it feels so good.
Dr. █████████: Get the lights.
The lights are turned back on, the subject yells and drops the cube back on the table, turns to run, and falls to his face.
D-2992556: Help me! Please god help me!
Dr. █████████: Light seems to affect the cube's influence. You may get up and leave.
D-2992556: I can't feel my legs! Someone… anyone… help me!
Dr. █████████: Confirmed paralysis, subject is requesting assistance. Will experiment with different exposure times to see if there are any other effects to contact with the cube. End log.

Log 755-3: A D-Class wielding SCP-676 was introduced to SCP-755 in an attempt to discover more about the strange cube, events are as follows. Dr. █████████ and D-202421 entered the room and stood approximately 20 meters from the cube. Dr █████████ handed D-202421 SCP-676 and instructed him to put them on. D-202421 looked worriedly at the cube, but obeyed. Dr. █████████ asked D-202421 what he saw, and after 5 seconds, D-202421 calmly removed the glasses, handed them back to Dr. █████████, then quickly shoved the doctor to the floor, grabbing his pen away from him and attempted to self-terminate. Security personnel were able to subdue D-202421, but not before he had punctured his vocal cords and both wrists, effectively rendering himself incapable of communication for the time being. At this point, D-202421 began sobbing. Dr. █████████ and SCP-676 sustained no damage from the fall, and D-202421 was dismissed from the Foundation. Further testing is being considered, but temporarily halted on SCP-755.

Note: The last group who tested on SCP-755 are to report to me as soon as you read this. I don't know what the hell you idiots did but now that cube has some writing or something on it, and no one can get close enough to read it, not even when we kill the lights. No one is to conduct any further tests without reporting to me or O5-█ for proper clearance. This is no longer an issue, the writing is still there but it doesn't seem to have a negative effect anymore, however, it's still impossibly hard to read, each "letter" appears to be half a millimeter in height. Telescopic lenses tend to crack and electronics tend to temporarily gain sentience before bursting into flames. I'm starting to like this thing less and less. - Dr. █████████

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